U.S. election ballot measures see Washington, Colorado legalize marijuana

I'm imagining most U.S. atheists would have been behind this initiative - you can tell me if I am wrong.

Congrats to the United States you have finally one upped us up here in Canada.

Our record:

First North American Leader to come out in favor of Woman's rights - It was Sir John A. Macdonald our first prime minister.

First North American Nation to adopt universal health care

First to accept a legal gay marriage

Your record:

According to the news today you beat us to legalizing marijuana.

That and we can't seem to win a hockey championship with a Canadian team.

Just some ribbing from your northern neighbor.

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Detroit just legalized up to one ounce in your home, was a city proposal. I don't smoke, but I dont have the right to tell people what they can/can't do in the privacy of there own home. I wish religion had the same respect.. But religion will never give anyone there own personnel liberty. There want your servitude, your surrender. And Canada has the lock-down on curling :)

US hasn't legalized marijuana.  Just a couple of states, contrary to federal law.  KPLU

Canada also abolished slavery before the US did.

"Canada is better than your country"  

By the way, the Queen was right about Gordon Lightfoot.  Just like a paperback novel.  The kind the drugstores sell.

Two U.S. states going in one direction - two Canadian provinces going in the other:

Canada Toughens Pot Laws - Two U.S. States Loosen Up

wow.  That is mindblowing.

I used marijuana happily about every 2 weeks for 25 years.  It's good to know that some of the fear and trauma infused into it by the drug war, is going away. 

And a plant species can come out of the closet :)

Great news!




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