U.S. House stenographer erupts in bizarre religious outburst

House Stenographer Dragged Off Floor Yelling About Freemasons And God

As the House finished their vote to reopen the federal government and raise the debt ceiling, a House stenographer decided it was a good time to let everyone know her feelings about God, Congress, and the Freemasons.

He [God] will not be mocked,” the stenographer, apparently named Molly, yelled into the microphone as she was dragged off by security. “The greatest deception here is that this is not one nation under God. It never was. It would not have been. The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons. They go against God. You cannot serve two masters. Praise be to God. Praise be to Jesus.”

Separate video and audio can be found here on the Gawker.com website. 

From USA Today:

Lawmakers watched silently as the scene unfolded before them. After the stenographer was removed from the chamber, House members turned to each other.

U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, said the woman had a crazed look on her face, according to the Associated Press.

From The Washington Times:

Ms. Reidy’s Facebook page contained multiple religious postings, including one reference to “God’s Paratroopers.”

Fox News said Ms. Reidy is well-liked on Capitol Hill — hardly the radical partisan type — and her interruption caused several members to express concern for her mental health. The cable network also reported that Ms. Reidy was sent for a mental evaluation shortly after the incident.

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i watched this unfold last night.  hilarious, and frightening.  i think having a first row seat at all the craziness in the Capital caused her to snap.  can't say i blame her. 

Welcome to the irrational intruding into the world of the (supposedly) rational.  Doubtless those congresspeople who turned to each other in wonder at her behavior thought themselves rational and sane by comparison ... yet most of them worship the same god and believe many of the same things as the stenographer did.  They just do a better job of compartmentalizing than she was able to do.

Question is: do you suppose they know that?

I am sure that many of here remember the movie "A Clockwork Orange".  One of my favorite lines in the movie occurs when they got (was it?) Malcolm McDowell strapped to the chair and they have him drugged up and forcing him to watch movies depicting extremely violent footage in order to 're-adjust' his thinking.  As he is becoming repulsed and sickened by the scenes in front of him, (remember they have his eyes taped open), he notices that the soundtrack to the carnage he is witnessing is from his favorite composer Beethoven.  He erupts, begging them to stop because he doesn't want to get sick every time he hears his beloved "Lovely, lovely Ludwig".  The doctor's administering the 'treatment' turn to look at each other, shrug their shoulders and one says to the other "Can't be helped". 


This is how it is with Mrs.Reidy.  She has partaken of the kool-aid.  She is too far gone.  All the psychiatry and psychology in the world will be of no avail.  Ms. Reidy "Can't be helped."

Very sadly, I agree with you Ficking Chucken. 

Oh, so god told you to do it. Very well then, let us help you to your car and have a nice day.



Thanks for the update, Greg.  Voices from God?  Let's be thankful all He told her to do was shout aloud in public. 

Hopefully there is more to this story than indicated. That she was interviewed by a psychologist and simply released is absurd. I sympathize with the mentally ill and certainly hope she gets some help. I'm concerned that later we'll be talking about how the system failed when god told her she needed to take stronger measures to...(fill in the blank).

Delusions and denial, based upon fear, produce all kinds of unpredictable neurotic behaviors. When thinking people see them for who they are, fundamental religious people become hysterical and do insane things like bomb abortion clinics and murder pro-choicers. 

Or they fight among and between other fundamental religious people about whose god is the real god. Insantiy upon insanity. Where will it all end? 

As for me, I openly claim to be an atheist, am proud of it, follow the only "commandment", there is no evidence that convinces me that there is a god, and if evidence appears, I will think about it and re-decide. 

The great joy, for me, is being able to open my senses to nature and let it all in, just for the pleasure of it. I see miracles all around me in the form of babies of all kinds ... except mosquitos and black widow spiders and critters of that kind. 

In the meantime, excellent education, based on evidence, is the criteria I use and value. The rest is all mythology, paranoia, delusions and denial. Mental illness personified. 

I was feeling masochistic, so I decided to read through the comments section following the news article about this story.  Here are some of the high and low points:


Kelley   This is where absolute faith in religion brings you: to the brink.

  • Randall
    Randall     Delusion is not unique to unbelievers.
  • SusanS
    SusanS     LOL, I'm trying to work through the double negatives...does that mean that delusion is unique to believers?
  • Troy
    Troy    arrggh...you're right!



;-D  Amazing that she could stand out in a room full of crazies.


         Albert    You have to try REAL HARD to be the craziest one in THAT room for sure.
Mind you the GOD card is a great start.



CMED    Good for her for speaking up in a room full of losers. 

  • Joey
    Joey   Yes, another insane person "speaking up" is fantastic.
  • CMED
    CMED    What make her insane? Speaking of God? Good lord Joey get a life, Christians are here and they have every right to speak as we see fit.
    Philip   She is a very brave woman speaking the truth. The only question that remains is how many will actually pay attention to what she said. I hope all the House members have a good long conversation with her and consider her wisdom carefully.
    bendaticus     she'll be able to record her own trial.
    BeccaRT     So quick to shut her up and why we can't hear want she said. Wonder what else the government want to quiet. What is done in the dark will come out in the light.
    Ken     If we need to hear from people with mental health issues, we can just turn on fox news.
    whatawreck    Seems to me she was just fed up. With what I don't know. But in the recent past I have found myself standing in front of the TV screaming some things that would have gotten me arrested had I done it publicly. I don't know if she is unbalanced, but I get her frustration.
    Grand Ol' Punchline
    Grand Ol' Punchline     Dude, when that starts to happen, turn off the TV.


bertha fay

bertha fay    She is a little old to be a conspiracy theorists. So, what - drugs, menopause, bi-polar disorder? It is too bad she wasn't ranting about something that is reality based like what an idiot Cruz is.



Tallyman    God bless her. I am sure many of us would have liked the opportunity to express ourselves; as she did.



zelda   She sounds manic. Maybe a new bipolar diagnosis? Not 'crazy,' just mentally ill.



Mark  •   If she'd said the same thing but used "Allah" she'd be in Gitmo right about now



missy  •  I agree with the "sane" comment, the other comments about her mental state really #$%$ me off. Yes she knows something, everyone else would too if they invest a little time in researching what's really going on. Conspiracy theories? No. The facts are there, the proof is there. I crazy too?



bg59   She's right about one thing, "God will not be mocked". I wonder what He's thinking as He looks down upon America.



EKM   I would like to know what else she might have said if not stopped and removed from the area. Maybe she will make a video and let us know???

I love that "god will not be mocked" crap.  Their god and every other god that matters to someone who leans on the crutch of faith gets mocked on a daily basis by us and people like us ... and I've yet to see a lightning bolt come after someone for thumbing their nose at something that doesn't exist!

There's some real gems in there, Loren!

Ya know, Carl, I hate to contradict you ... but there really aren't, certainly not from the believers' side of the ledger.  It's the same old recycled crap that we've both seen 100 times.  Oh, there are variations on those themes, but boil it down and it's still the same old story / same old song and dance, coming from the same old fears about being wrong and needing to reassert that they are right, that they HAVE to be right, and that there is no other way to think.

Just. Plain. Sad.




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