Apparently, Afghans find the sounds (and possibly odor) of flatulence offensive.  Mind you, disfiguring a woman's face by throwing acid in it, or cutting off her nose, is OK if she dares to become literate, or show any independence over her own reproductive process. But FARTING!!!!!!  Allah (piss be upon him) forbid!!!!!  Will someone please give me a good reason why the US is there 10 years after 9/11?

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Bizarre.  Even worse in many cases female soldiers were "strongly encouraged" to wear head scarves with BDUs.  Ugh.
Meanwhile, the Army is farting twice as much.  Honestly, killing Afganis did not work for the Russians, why would it work for us?

We are still there because it is PROFITABLE. That is the bottom line. Someone is profiting from war. There would be no point to it if they weren't. Since you and I are deriving no benefits at all from it, and the guys who are fighting aren't benefiting much from getting blown up and shot at, who does that leave? The government, of course. Our government never does ANYTHING unless they can turn a profit from it. They do not care about you, me, or anyone else. They do not care about rights, freedom, liberty, or peace. These things are not their concern because they get in the way of making money. When the war is no longer profitable, then--and only then--will they put an end to it. And when they do, they will declare that the war was a raging success, we have finally shown those terrorists who is boss, and the soldiers will be brought home to parades and parties and cameras and film crews and Hollywood wanting movie rights. It will be a glorious day! Everyone will say how wonderful it all is--everyone except people like me, who will see it for what it really is: pretty frosting on top of a moldy cake.


That being said, I think we should send the soldiers more beans, cabbage, broccoli, and truckloads of frozen burritos.

Sure it's the military industrial complex, but the profit isn't going to the government, it's going to the likes of Haliburton.


Considering that flatulence is a biological function of all humans, and probably all mammals as well (including the canine companion sitting next to me as I type - oh Charlie, really!) this is a really stupid regulation.  Not to mention, impossible to enforce.   I's sure Afgani's are just as flatulent as American Marines - children, women, men, goats, sheeps, cows, and other creatures.


Diets that are good for digestive health tend to lead to flatulence - lots of fiber filled vegetables and beans.


I argree we should get out.   But with lots of surveillance and covert activity re: Taliban types who like to bomb US buildings and airplanes.  I suspect they dont want us there either.




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