God may not exist.  At least not what humans may view as god.  But I KNOW UFO's are real!  Though I can't offer any proof of what I say.  So believe it, or not.  Though with TV shows showing people who have supposedly seen all types of unbelievable crap, my guess is that you wouldn't believe.  Which is fine with me.  But if you had experienced what I did, you would know they exist too.

  The next question is that if extraterrestrials are visiting us, why haven't they made themselves openly known to humanity.  There are many reasons.  But probably the biggest reason is that humans are the types of creatures that will actually pay money to be lied to.  Anybody who has seen a collection plate being passed around in a church knows this to be true.  But as for the truth, you can barely give that shit away.  I know because I wrote a free ebook of my experience.  It's called "A UFO LOVE STORY."  Apparently, people are vastly more interested in reading about bondage, spanking or some other filthy crap.  Learning that there are no easy solutions to the world's problems is something that they don't want to know.

  Another reason that UFO people want nothing to do with is because of the highly unethical way that most people have decided to deal with the world's problems.  Which is that what happens doesn't really matter.  As long as it happens to someone else.  Then there is the highly evil approach that many religious people take.  Which is to actually look forward to the destruction of the earth!  Then they can go and be herded around in heaven by Jesus.  Despite all this, for decidedly stupid reasons, I still care about what happens to humanity.


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No, I would not know!  If I saw something amazing, I would say "that's amazing", but I wouldn't conclude it was visitors from another planet (is that what you're implying?).  I wouldn't conclude or believe, and certainly would not know anything, unless I had good evidence to back up that conclusion.  

Our wonderful minds can play tricks on us very easily.  They can conjure-up anything we want to experience strongly enough.  I think that's where a lot of religion comes from.  

Years ago, I heard a speaker relate his experience with a UFO.  He said he was a definite non-believer, but his work took him to a UFO meeting for a short period of time.  That night, as he was on his porch, he saw a light that was dashing around the sky at an astounding rate.  He said Wow!, and for a few seconds he was a believer.  

Then his logical, scientific mind took-over, and he took hold of the beam holding the porch up, sighted along it at the light, and it instantly stopped moving, and never moved again.  Even though he was a non-believer, that brief encounter with people talking about UFOs influenced his mind enough to make him see one.

I know there are lots of unidentified flying objects, with unidentified being the operative word.

I think it extremely likely that there are many intelligent beings in this universe and we will someday be visited by some of them.  We may have already been visited, but with no good evidence of such visits, I very much doubt it.

  Idaho spud,

  UFO's?  If you only knew.  Though if all I had to go by was the single feeble sighting you mention and all the crap they talk about on TV, I would pretty skeptical too.  Incredible things have been seen in the sky throughout history.  Are they the ships of space beings?  Well if something looks lie a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are its a duck.  But all that is beside the point.  What matters is why they want nothing to do with humanity.  

I would very much like to meet some beings more scientifically advanced than we are.  The first thing I would do is ask them if they could help me live forever.

If I then lived to more than 200 years of age, I would conclude it was not a hallucination.

Whitley Strieber is a very good writer by the way.  He mostly writes about UFO's and "grays", which I don't enjoy - but his few novels not about UFO's, anal probes etc. are worth reading. 

Hate to have to say this Erik, but the basis of your proposition is the exact same thing people hear in church services every Sunday morning. Just substitute the word 'god' for UFO.  But I KNOW UFO's [gods] are real! Though I can't offer any proof of what I say.  So believe it, or not. Then you state, But if you had experienced what I did, you would know they exist too. Exact same argument a theist makes in trying to convince the rest of us. You can't produce any evidence, and neither can the god believers. 

Though the only real difference that I can see between your position and that of a believer in Jesus, Allah, Gonesh, Vishnu, Baal or Huitzilopochtli is the level of probability in the existence of other intelligent life in the universe. Drake's Equation. But this is a far, far cry from 1) claiming to know of their existence without a shred of actual evidence, and 2) claiming to know why they haven't made themselves openly know to humanity. It's the same thing as claiming to know a god exists, stating you can't know his omniscient mind, and then proceeding to speak on his behalf. 

When you can arrange for a luncheon date for the rest of us to meet it, give me a call.


  You aren't telling me anything I don't already know.  Neither am I asking you to believe anything.  I'm just telling you of my knowledge.  You may or may not find out someday for yourself.  

claiming to know of their existence without a shred of actual evidence

Maybe he does have actual evidence ;) Just hasn't shared it with us. 

So Erik - do the aliens have DNA/RNA?  If not, do they have a genetic code that they pass on?  Are they carbon-based?  Please tell us more of their physiology.


  Did you miss the part where I said that I didn't have any proof to offer?  Just consider the whole ufo thing as a rhetorical subject.  A question you should ask yourself, if you can step outside your human, urge induced thinking, is what you would have to gain from making yourself known to a primitive species.  We couldn't possibly have anything they could want.  Also, they would probably care about your envy or adulation about as much as you would care about those things from a wild animal.

So you have no ideas or info about their physiology?  How their bodies work? 

But you have ideas about their psychology?  You seem to be modeling it on human psychology.

A true alien species would be EXTREMELY interesting. The biology of a separately evolved form of life ....  If you have any help to give in this very interesting question, it would be MUCH appreciated. 


  Here is the rub.  Chances are you don't really want to know the truth.  Sure, there are things I could tell you.  But it is illegal to do so.  And anything I would have to tell you that would be of any consequence, this website wouldn't allow to be printed.  You see, you are a slave.  It's nothing to be ashamed of.  It's not your fault.  But I can guarantee you that the status quo have a strangle hold on your thinking.  If you want to know what this status quo thing is, I have seen a good analogy of it in a time lapsed film.  It is of where a slime mold spreads out along an irregular front across the ground in a damp forest.  Leaving behind a thinner, depleted trail in its wake.

But with the quality of evidence you've given us, can you see why I and others here don't believe you? 
If I were to believe things on as little evidence as you've given, I would have to believe in a lot of things!  Ghosts, Catholic miracles, etc. etc.


  Not asking you to believe anything.




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