I just read a post on FB written by the friend of a friend.  He's a 21-year old guy.  I'm a 44-year old woman, just to give it some perspective.  His is a bible-thumper (I'm not friends with him on FB, he just posted on a friend of mines wall, but I know him and his family through mutual friends).  He said if a woman doesn't want to get pregnant, she shouldn't have sex.  I know I should just let it go, but I let him have it.  So the only reason to have sex is to get pregnant?  Then he said something about if she gets pregnant she has no right to 'kill the kid'.  I mentioned rape and incest and the fact that not everyone believes  a fertilized egg is a 'kid' yet, and if he doesn't believe in the right to have an abortion, don't have one, and it's a personal decision,etc.  I KNOW I shouldn't have argued with him.  But it's 4 a.m., I can't sleep, and now I let myself get pissed-off by someone I know is a fundie.  Ugh. lol.  I will ignore the post if he posts again.  There are too many of them to piss me off.  I'd have a coronary if I let them all get to me...

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John - Just ask them where abortion is mentioned in the Bible. Since it is not, they are probably going to revert to 10 commandments, "thou shalt not kill." Then show them all the places where they themselves do not believe this is a commandment - capital punishment, self-defense, war, etc. If they say that these are exceptions, ask them where in the Bible it says that there are exceptions to the commandments. Further, ask them why other actions, such as abortion, could not be exceptions also. Again, point out that abortion is nowhere mentioned in the Bible. Finally, ask them how they know that abortion is "killing a baby." Point out to them (if they are still talking to you by this time) that natural abortions outpace abortions of choice by thousands to one, and that if they believe god directs nature, then god is the great abortionist and the most heinous sinner of them all. Probably this won't change their minds since they have locked their minds in the prisons of their religion, but you might feel better in convincingly demonstrating just how stupid their religion is.

Thank you David for some great suggestions, I'll be trying them out at the first opportunity.

I fear you're correct regarding their passion for dogma, stating obvious contradictions will not penetrate that wall of ignorance that they call "faith".

I work at a venue where apart from rock concerts and the like a large Pentecostal church also hire the place for their activities, having to endure listening to this mind numbing nonsense from these slick Pastors telling the masses to hand over their money I feel like shouting "WAKE UP" you're being conned.

Even Barry Goldwater realized as recently as the early 1980's that the fundies were mad and bad his quote was something like "You can't reason with these people" he knew crazies like Falwell were a danger and would have nothing to do with them.

Goldwater may have been too crazy even for the GOP but he was right on this issue.




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