why are there xtian "ad sense" banners above this site?

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Because the owners of this site don't get the opportunity to vet what advertisements are used ... and because those ad servers use word-search to determine what ads they display, we end up getting the dreck you see there.

If you don't like it, I heartily recommend using the Firefox browser with the Adblock Plus plug-in.  Works fine, lasts a long time.

Yeah - Loren is right! Adblock will get rid of those.

Thanks:) :)

I see a ChristianMingle ad once in a while on the site too, that makes me laugh.  I'm guessing key word search again and we do use the word god (always lower case) a bunch on this site.  If they are helping to pay the bills and keep this site going I'm all for it.   

Fortunately, lately the only banner ads I've been seeing are for Watch ESPN, which is good if you have TimeWarner, BrightHouse or Verizon. I've got Charter, so I do get ESPN3 though. *LOL*

Same reason you see Microsoft ads on Linux sites....


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