UK Lord Gilbert: Create Cordon Sanitaire on Af-Pak Border with Neutron Weapons.

Not covered in the USA press. What do you think about this?


No kidding. Lord Gilbert, former Minister of Defence under Tony Blair’s Labour Government, suggested in the House of Lords that a cordon sanitaire should be created with neutron weapons along the Afghan-Pakistan border area, to prevent the Taliban’s movement over the border, as “only a few goats and herders live there anyway.” Lord Gilbert favours nuclear weapons, crediting them with preventing countless world wars since 1945.


The UK Government and House of Lords were quick to denounce Lord Gilbert’s suggestion and noted the United Kingdom has no such plans.


Pakistan’s Defence Ministry issued a withering response.


The satire news site of the BBC, Scotlandshire (something like the BBC’s version of The Onion) suggested testing them first on the Scottish-English border should Scotland vote independence in the upcoming referendum, to prevent terrorists crossing the border (though they are unclear about which direction).


Huffington Post UK article with Lord Gilbert’s diatribe:

Pakistan Ministry of Defence Website response:

BBC Scotlandshire satire of Lord Gilbert:

Russia Today (formerly Radio Moscow) analysis “Bomb them into peace”:


James, amongst the Minuteman III silos in Western Nebraska. Merry Christmas and a Happy Nuke Year.

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