Has the patriot act been repealed yet?

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No, it has to expire. I think that happens around 2011, but I'm not sure. Honestly, given the sweeping powers it gives the president, I wonder if it will be allowed to expire or if it will be renewed.
There's a much better chance of it expiring if Obama gets re-elected.
Crap. I knew there was something I was forgetting to do.
Heartily as I supported Obama in the election, my greatest disappointment so far is his failure to repeal - and worse, quiet support of - some of the slimier Bush-era hell-with-the-bill-of-rights practices.

Second being the way too slow movement on gay rights, but that's a different conversation.
Well put Larry. I think Obama's heart is ultimately in the right place, but Soft-Backbone seems to be a contagious condition among demon-crats.
Nope, no politicians have had their houses searched without a warrant yet, nor have any been detained indefinitely.

They won't care until it hurts them.




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