Sent as a letter to the editor of the Bridgeport (NE) News-Blade and the Omaha World-Herald.


Governor Bobby Jindal (R-Louisiana) put it this way at the GOP Governor’s Convention after the General Election: The GOP needs to stop being the stupid party.


Every disabilities group and every veterans group supported the UN Treaty on the rights of the disabled. Disabled vet Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) passionately pleaded for its passage. Former Sen. and disabled vet Bob Dole (R-Kans.) sat mute on the Senate floor in his wheelchair while his colleagues one after another repudiated him.


In the end, the vote came down to the organized actions of homeschoolers. Such a tiny minority, whilst the 10% (the disabled) watched our Senate shame itself before the world, though the treaty was negotiated by President GW Bush. I am embarrassed over the travesty of antics to which Sen. Johanns acquiesced.


As I am a disabled veteran, Sen. Mike Johanns does not represent me. He gave me, my wife, my mother (a polio survivor), Mr McCain, Mr Dole, and every other disabled person a slap in the face with his vote against a treaty modeled after our own laws, which no way encroached on our sovereignty. The treaty exported our model GOP law to the rest of the world. The USA does not recognize before the world that the disabled are worthy of rights. - James, incensed in Nebraska.

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The GOP remains the party of intransigence and the party of NO, despite the fact that those attitudes were repudiated by the voters during the last election.  If the Republicans wish to remain relevant, they had better stop behaving like the spoiled little boy who wants it HIS way with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

The eventual alternative without change is that people will slowly but surely find or create alternatives, and the GOP will be ignored.

Perhaps people will create alternatives that make the Democratic Party look antiquated and regressive. We can hope....

I agree!

If our nation is great it is because our history reflects care and compassion for our citizens. Even the original Founding Fathers didn't have it correct, but the Constitution is a living document and changes whenever new valid information becomes known.

What happens in this modern age represents a decline of ethics, morals, and just plain common sense. As more people come under the influences of uninformed and misinformed, we fall farther away from greatness. During the Dark Ages, knowledge and science had to underground; they survived and blossomed during the Age of Enlightenment. I am not opposed to homeschoolers, I am opposed to homeschoolers and teachers who teach opinion that do not undergo validity and reliability tests. 

While I, too, am "embarrassed over the travesty of antics to which Sen. Johanns acquiesced" I am also encouraged that critical thinking replaces blind faith and beliefs. Our guides include some very smart and courageous people who stand on principles of investigation and exploration. Questioning is good. 

Who was it who said something to the effect of the true greatness of a country being measured in how they treat their least fortunate?  There's a lesson the GOP forgot decades ago, I'm afraid.

You read that exactly right.

James, A powerful statement and one that resonates throughout the country. Surely we will not have to endure the nonsense that plagues us at this time. A growing body of people see the frailty and fallacy of blind faith and belief, and critical thinking will prevail. I share your comment with family and friends. 

The Omaha World-Herald published my short editorial letter today on the UN disabled treaty. (Two-thirds the way down the page.)

Thank you for your powerful and articulate voice.

It'll be interesting to see if there's any reaction, either there or from Senator Johanns, whom I assume you have addressed directly regarding this issue.

I have addressed Sen Johanns before (on the issue of the proposed closure of our post office here, now defeated after three attempts).

On this issue, I sadly did not, as I was unaware of the issue coming before the Senate until it was too late.

The Omaha World-Herald is a strong supporter of Sen Johanns, and members of REASON-Omaha opined that the OWH would refuse to run it. They were surprised when it did in fact appear.

As for the News-Blade, it has not come out yet.




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