In another well deserved black eye for the Roman Catholic Church, The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child convened a hearing in Geneva, Switzerland today. The purpose is to investigate not only cases of child abuse by Catholic clergy world wide, but the Church's role in covering it up. 

In typical "we've got to protect our bureaucratic backside" fashion, the RCC is refusing to release documents to the UN about the Church's own internal investigations.  Not only is the RCC refusing to release this information, but it's position is that if pressed too hard on this issue, it will withdraw from the UN.

Pope Francis is currently the new religious rock star on the scene. People and the press drool over his every pronouncement, trivial or otherwise, like it is the voice of god booming from the heavens. Well Frankie, it's now time to step up to the plate and put your vast stores of gold where your mouth is. Does he, or does he not, wish to do something about the pernicious evil of child rape and torture that permeates his organization? 

I'm betting he doesn't, and will let the bureaucracy creak along, putting its own interest above that of the innocent children it has, and continues, to victimize.

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THIS is where the rubber meets the road.  This situation, and more importantly, Francis' response to it, will demonstrate whether he can walk the walk as well as talk the talk.  The size and scope of this scandal, from the numbers of children and priests involved and the geographic spread involved, may well be unprecedented in human history.  Thus far, the church has deferred and poo-poo'ed it, at one point calling this tragedy, "petty gossip."  They have yet to offer an answer which is acknowledges and respects the gravity of this situation.

It is way past time the catholic church was called to account ... and made to pay the price for their actions.

It's amazing to me. Part of my law practice involves representing children who have been removed from their homes for physical, environmental, medical, and sexual abuse and neglect. The parents are generally hammered by the Courts for things the RCC does on a daily basis. Yet nothing happens to the roman collared clergy because... Well, after all, their clergy. Like I said in the post, I seriously doubt Francis will do anything to cooperate, or help fix the problem. If so, I hope the UN gives them a giant public black eye the likes of which will leave a permanent scar.

They deserve a LOT worse than that, Pat.  Problem is that the general public is so inured with the supposed goodness of the church that they either cannot or will not act, except for those directly impacted by offending priests.  Why more people aren't speaking out publicly and demanding ACTION on this issue boggles the mind ... and I fear that it will just continue to go on and on and on until SOMEONE (and likely several "someones") get up the cojones to do so.

About damn time.




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