Why am I not able to comment on blog posts ? Every time I try it says something about my comment needing approval. Have I ever been known to post in Discussions or Blogs any inappropriate content ? Have I been banned from Atheist Nexus or something despite the fact that I am an atheist ? Or have I only been banned from posting anything while still being a member ? Or am I way off on both of my questions ? What seems to be the problem ?

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Anthony, the creators of blog topics have the option to moderate, approve and censure comments before being posted.  Most bloggers don't use this procedure, but you'll find that it does occur now and then.  I would guess that it's just a coincidence that the blog or blogs you wish to comment on require prior approval by the moderator before being posted.  

You can take comfort in knowing that you haven't been banned from Atheist Nexus or done anything inappropriate. 

Thanks TFA:

I thought it was something like that but wasn't sure.

I recently learned that bloggers can remove replies they dislike and the people who posted those replies won't know their replies have been removed.

I replied to a blog one day, and the next day decided to copy my reply to a Word document. I selected it and when I pasted it I found a two-word note that my reply had been deleted.

To test what I'd seen I wrote another reply and quit A/N. In a few minutes I returned, found what I had just posted and tried to copy it to a Word document. Same result.

Okay, bloggers can censor replies. However, the people whose replies have been censored won't know.

I think Carl and Tom are correct. My question is different. Why can I not write my friend, Tony, in regular mail and have both of us get the messages and write back and forth to each other? I simply do not know the answer to that question.

Hi Tony, and welcome back.  :)




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