I wish to unsubscribe........how do I do this

Ken O'Keefe

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You're question isn't very specific, so please forgive me if I'm answering the wrong question.

I'm guessing you mean unsubscribe from email notifications?

You'll want to click on "Settings" in the top right corner below your name (example below)


sign out




settings < right here :)

Next you'll want to click on email in the top left corner (example below)



Email < This is the one you want

My Page


In this list you can choose how often you get email alerts, as well as unsubscribe to events individually to customize your alert experience (lets say you only want notifications when someone sends you a message to your inbox, you could remove all other alerts and just leave that). Of course you can turn off all notifications as well.

Hope this helps

Cheers mate, thanks. I thought he was asking about just email notifications.

Sorry you feel like you want to go Ken. Best regards, take care.


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