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Sadly, this is not news.  There are videos all over YouTube with imams talking about how it's perfectly fine to negotiate for a marriage with BABIES as young as one year old!  At times, I don't know what to do when I see such things, other than to resist reverse peristalsis and shake my head sadly.

Anyone who says that islam honors women is looking at a brown sky!

As an ex-muslim ,

This was one of the main reasons why I became an atheist. 

No matter how you look at it , its disgusting. 

Not a desired event, but your cartoon is priceless.

Maybe that image is a cartoon, but it contains an important message to you is worthless.
We can not ignore the truth and deny it.

In this picture you can see that these girls are married to the old man sitting next to him. According to tradition, Islam's Prophet Muhammad order.!

As I look at the photo, I can't help but wonder, would the girl defend this practice? Would she defend Islam itself? We'll never know because we'll probably never know who she is.

This is not to say she has willingly volunteered for marriage. I'm just thinking that because she was probably born into and raised within the muslim culture, she may consider her condition perfectly normal. Born here, she would probably be in school today.

It's not fate, destiny or luck. No matter how you look at it, it is a tragic situation.

Yes. This girl should be in school today, but due to the old traditions of his religion (Islam) should be at home to see her husband.

The biggest help we can make this little girls to notify their parents.

To teach them that girls like boys of social rights and the right to choose their spouses, and they should not be forced to marry at an early age.

Boys need to study and increase their knowledge.

Should religious rituals and traditions that human rights are not observed to be declared obsolete.

If you see,  the religions very much reflect the culture of that region and time. So to apply the the dogmas and rules blindly is ridiculous. Wee all know about this.

We can never live the ideals of the religions we find rotten fibers.
Religion is the root of all human misery and problems.
Superstitious beliefs of ignorant people are mind viruses.

You are right. Instead of turning the face off from the same disgusting culture try to wean off the frustrated people out of it. Do not hate the innocent people who still believe in theses systems. Teach them theses traditions are going to wither off once the education and the social and economical changes come in like for example in India. But in India still in a city like Delhi pride killings are occuring from so called educated communities which is sad and people  who are social activists, become disheartended.

So do not end up like this but fight against these evils but at the same time do not get killed.

Most women victims of backward societies and traditions - religious form.
Marriage of young girls big anomaly in a traditional society.
But the damage Pzyrjamh this important class of basic rights and freedoms of the individual and society are minimal.
Implementing Rules and men in society are not strong enough to help them gain social benefits and rights are the priority.
Religious beliefs and customs of savage tribes, and the money is not used predominantly for modern societies are suitable for implementation and for the same period in life today, a problem.

Yes there are lots of reasons for this marriage is unreasonable. The girls are innocent victims of these crimes.
Religion major role in the occurrence of this species are the primary links.
State laws are not strong enough to avoid customs and Islamic law are preferred.
To eliminate this archaic religious customs require years of work and is the cultural and scientific education.
And it is very difficult!
Religion is destructive!




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