I may have come across an idea that may help our climate change denial friends come to an understanding of global warming.

It’s a simple science demonstration that can be done in the home.

1) First you need a pan filled with charcoal. That’s your carbon.
2) Light the charcoal on fire. This is best done outside for safety.
3) Get a large cardboard box. The one from your big screen TV that you bought with your tax refund will do nicely.
4) Turn the box upside down and set it over both yourself and the pan filled with burning charcoal.
5) Very soon you will feel it getting warmer-this is due to the global warming effect. The carbon in the charcoal is combining with the oxygen in air to produce carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide is trapping the suns electromagnetic radiation in the box, thus raising the temperature. Feel the temperature rising? It’s really quite unmistakable.
6) Now, shortly you’ll find yourself getting dizzy. This is not a result of global warming. This is because the oxygen in the box is getting low resulting in the oxidation of carbon into carbon monoxide. This is what’s killing you.

A simple idea that both demonstrates the real problem and solves it too.

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okay, you got me, I'm not much at chemistry or physics.

is there a better "at home" model for global warming that will still yield the benefit of getting rid of the denialists?

it sounds like a pretty good experiment to me.  Now, only to find the volunteers....

Thanks for the insights John.  It helps me understand these complex issues when I look at them on a human sized scale. 

Your demonstration is incomplete. To enhance the effect, the experimenter should slather BBQ sauce all over her body before crawling into the box with the burning charcoal. I've also heard that adding a few wet mesquite twigs to the charcoal provides a tasty flavor improvement.
Or is it climate change; human-fossil fueled...? or is it money mohnay and too many man-made structures that rely the petrol to keep in check; i.e. lawns, etc. LOL, sigh, so damn droughted out in SE FLorida it's maybe a two-fer; the drought due to having to use water so much on the stripmall/housing dev laws and the petrol used to cut the vegetation (and keep trees away from people) - it's all corporate who ya kiddn' -
bascially heating up the atmosphere multiplied by heat islands of concrete also needing more water to make that concrete! LOL... sounds like a nature walk is at hand.




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