Please tell me that I'm not the only one who thinks this simply shouldn't be allowed or practiced!

So today a friend messages me on Facebook. She asks me to help her with a project. Sounds pretty mundane, so I ask her about it. She can't tell me what it is, some sort of "trust" thing. It's apparently for an online course she's taking. She tries to make me promise to do whatever it is for at least a week. Already warning bells are going off in my head, because I don't believe in those sorts of projects.

I ask a lot of questions, which aren't too helpful. I finally agree because I'm not really sure how to say no. So she tells me to start drinking until I need to pee. I'm busy and all, but I figure it'll take 20 minutes. No. I go for about an hour or two, getting completely sick and finally in so much pain that I have to wonder how long this will go on until she lets me stop, wondering how on earth I can re-do this every day for a week. In addition, I have to constantly update her on how I feel. Then I find out that she honestly expects me to hold my pee for a week. Straight. Then I can have one bathroom break, and then one more week of holding it.

I freaked out when I finally peiced that together. Aside from the stabbing, stinging pain and pressure, I was sick to my stomach, lightheaded, tired, and then starting crying and hyperventilating. So I begged her for sweet mercy. She gave me a half-assed pep-talk. But I could not do it. I don't know how anyone could. She guilted me with her failing the class and not getting a scholarship. But I quit anyway. It's such an unethical assignment I don't think it's even legal. People could, quite literally, die. And she has to make 15 people do this!

After unsuccessful begging, when I finally told her I had to pee, she preceded to say how she had learned that I was untrustable and blah blah blah. I think she may have blocked me because she had no response to my talented groveling/apology. I rarely have an experience like this... It seems like the sort of thing that only happens on teen sitcoms. I'm pretty sweet, not too hard to get along with. Now I have to go to school afraid to see this girl.

So I feel a little bad, but not very. Because I don't think I could make someone do that, scholarship or not. And I'm going to beat up her professor.

Am I alone in being horrified by this? Is it legal? My psychology class showed me much tamer studies that were considered unethical. Not to mention that it would be far simpler to merely teach the material as it's known, rather than torture innocent people again and again. It's incredibly worrisome that a professor could have so little foresight!

Insights, opinions, similar stories? 

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If she fails, its because she didn't do prior research. and risked the. lives of 15 people. Her experiment is deadly.
I kind of thought about that! Blind obedience can make a person go far, eh? It's horrifying. I'm hoping this proves that if I were to pull a Stanley Milgram and shock people for answering questions incorrectly, I would only half-kill them. :D

She made me update her constantly, I honestly think she was just supposed to measure all of the physical changes and symptoms. I don't know what the class was, but the word "physiology" was thrown out. I kind of hope she never becomes a doctor though. Very little empathy there. Near the end there was a very, very clear sense of urgency and distress from me followed by "keep drinking". Apparently she had to do this herself. Pretty sure she's insane.
Not to sound rude, but you are kindof a moron for forcing yourself to do that, and agreeing to go blind into something KNOWING you weren't confortable with it. Why would you let someone dominate you for THEIR benefit? Tell her to kick rocks.
Because I'm a weak, womanish Eve. DX I'm sorry. I'll try to be Lilith. I'm just a good person! I can't always suppress it....

Even when I screw myself over and never seem to get the same love from anyone else. Hmm.

But I honestly didn't find out until the very end when I was honestly sick that I would be expected to hold it for a week. That's when I started seriously backing out. At first, I thought the experiment was just to measure how long it would take for me to need to pee. Which didn't seem that crazy. If she had said, "Hey I'm doing a project, want to drink until you feel like puking and then not pee for a week?", well... that would be different.
Yah, stand up for yourself. Theres nothing wrong with that. You are working backward if you are trying to be something to be part of a crowd. Be yourself and the right crowd will find you. Good thing you didn't go all the way though. ;)
I think it was a good learning experience. I learned how far I could take something insane. It's different when it's you in the situation, rather than just hearing about it and wondering if humanity is predisposed to extreme stupidity.

I've actually spent most of my life more or less alone, now I'm finally starting to meet people a little like me. Feels good. :)
btw in my opinion, Lillith is womanish too, more so than Eve. Just Lillith is a strong independent woman. But that has nothing to do with the subject.
Well Lilith is cooler. :D Totally my favorite Bible fable.
Your friend's "test" sounds so incredibly bizzare, that it seems to me that the real test would be to see how much a subject could take before rebelling. I suspect your "friend" is not being up front or honest with you with her motives.
Possible. Generally aren't you supposed to debrief people in that case, if it's allowed at all? Or do you think she lied about the assignment and it's a vigilante project? Doesn't sound too much like her, but this entire scenario is confusing.
Wow...that project is all kinds of unhealthy. Drinking a lot and then holding it is just asking for your bladder to get distended (and if you had major abdominal trauma, ruptured) and with all that fluid going through your kidneys and urine sitting in your bladder, we're talking back flow into the ureters and kidney damage/infection. This girl needs to be slapped, hard.

I don't think a person COULD hold their pee for an entire week like that. Eventually you'd have to sleep and you'd probably wet the bed.

Maybe she's the one who was played for a fool? I know at my college students get spam email and maybe she fell for some kind of prank with her online course work. Stranger things have happened. Either way, she is culpable for asking people to do something that is clearly dangerous to their health without questioning the order.

Facebook needs a *SLAP* function. It's a new frontier of stupid... but I am hopelessly addicted to zombie pets and discussion forums myself.
Maybe she just had some general requirements for the project and she chose how to carry it out herself. This doesn't sound like something a legitimate professor would allow or encourage, but it does sound like something some stupid teenager would think up (no offense meant to teenagers).




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