Please tell me that I'm not the only one who thinks this simply shouldn't be allowed or practiced!

So today a friend messages me on Facebook. She asks me to help her with a project. Sounds pretty mundane, so I ask her about it. She can't tell me what it is, some sort of "trust" thing. It's apparently for an online course she's taking. She tries to make me promise to do whatever it is for at least a week. Already warning bells are going off in my head, because I don't believe in those sorts of projects.

I ask a lot of questions, which aren't too helpful. I finally agree because I'm not really sure how to say no. So she tells me to start drinking until I need to pee. I'm busy and all, but I figure it'll take 20 minutes. No. I go for about an hour or two, getting completely sick and finally in so much pain that I have to wonder how long this will go on until she lets me stop, wondering how on earth I can re-do this every day for a week. In addition, I have to constantly update her on how I feel. Then I find out that she honestly expects me to hold my pee for a week. Straight. Then I can have one bathroom break, and then one more week of holding it.

I freaked out when I finally peiced that together. Aside from the stabbing, stinging pain and pressure, I was sick to my stomach, lightheaded, tired, and then starting crying and hyperventilating. So I begged her for sweet mercy. She gave me a half-assed pep-talk. But I could not do it. I don't know how anyone could. She guilted me with her failing the class and not getting a scholarship. But I quit anyway. It's such an unethical assignment I don't think it's even legal. People could, quite literally, die. And she has to make 15 people do this!

After unsuccessful begging, when I finally told her I had to pee, she preceded to say how she had learned that I was untrustable and blah blah blah. I think she may have blocked me because she had no response to my talented groveling/apology. I rarely have an experience like this... It seems like the sort of thing that only happens on teen sitcoms. I'm pretty sweet, not too hard to get along with. Now I have to go to school afraid to see this girl.

So I feel a little bad, but not very. Because I don't think I could make someone do that, scholarship or not. And I'm going to beat up her professor.

Am I alone in being horrified by this? Is it legal? My psychology class showed me much tamer studies that were considered unethical. Not to mention that it would be far simpler to merely teach the material as it's known, rather than torture innocent people again and again. It's incredibly worrisome that a professor could have so little foresight!

Insights, opinions, similar stories? 

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I don't think a person COULD hold their pee for an entire week like that. Eventually you'd have to sleep and you'd probably wet the bed.

That's exactly what will happen. I learned that the hard way once when I went camping as a kid, and it was late and I really had to pee but didn't feel like going all the way over to the bathroom house when it was dark and creepy out. I was young, but too old to wet the bed, and it was embarrassing, and I ended up throwing out my pants b/c I didn't want anyone to find out.

So either that would happen, or the water intoxication that was mentioned. I don't know why someone would do an experiment when we already know what the results would be.
Next time your own "warning bells" go off, you really should listen to them. We have insincts like these for a reason, and I have found (the hard way) that it is good to listen to them. :) I hope your pain issues went away, and there are no side effects in the future.
"I finally agree because I'm not really sure how to say no."

I do believe we've found the crux of the problem!!
Well to be fair, I wouldn't have to be brave if they weren't crazy!! :P She told me she would fail and lose a scholarship! She didn't tell me what was going onnnn!
yes, however, her scholarship issues are not in your hands. You are not her mother, neither did you pay her st udent loan. Even though it would be unfortunate for her, it is not your responsibility. Your first responsibility is your own health. She had no regards for that. I don't advocate pure selfishness, but interest in your own health is a little different, and should come first.
Jezz, it just goes to show you who your real friends are. Of course, that's us over in the chat room.
We would never treat you like that.
P.S. Kindly disregard the volcano sacrifice thing. That was probably a joke.
Of course it's you guys. I love you guys. And I know that if you threw me in a volcano you'd knock me out first so I didn't feel any pain. :)
Why is the world so goddamn crazy?
What has probably happened here is that in a psych class of some sort your friend has learned about research and doing research on subjects. For this class they probably have an assignment to complete some sort of research. Your dumb friend decided this is her research idea and without the input from the instructor has proceeded to begin her research. Or, perhaps she has misunderstood the point. Perhaps the point was to study the reactions of subjects when asked to complete this project (not to actually have them do it). Either way (or not) It sounds like you haven't lost a lost an idiot. So don't feel bad.
Well she said it was a physiology class but I suppose she could have made it up. If so, it's definitely the college because the psychology teacher at my school would never assign something like this, I'm in her class so I know. She also said she had to do this pee-torture herself. If that's true, which I believe it is, I don't think she could have tolerated this assignment, and would have made up something else.

I actually emailed my psych teacher for advice on what to do for it. She's very smart and at the very least I hope she'll enough telling her students about the "Pee Girl".
I don't see any circumstance where i'd consider doing that. I guess my friend? would have to fail, but he/she wouldn't get away so easily. I'd go off on this friend. That would be my first instinct; go see them in person, look them in the eyes, throw up my hands, shrug my shoulders, etc. My parents couldn't make me hold it when i was younger. I didn't wait for a rest stop, i wanted to go in the woods, and found a way to make it happen. I sincerely hope you didn't damage yourself for this person. Lesson learned.
"I'm pretty sweet, not too hard to get along with."

You're too sweet. Why would you even agree to do such a thing? You have no obligation to earn anyone's trust, especially by doing something painful or harmful. Tell that bitch to take a long walk off a short pier, in my opinion.



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