I have noticed that when something out of the ordinary occurs, people usually use God as the cause of a weird situation. How do you react to situations like that? For example, back in January when animals were randomly dying off people were convinced that it was the end of the world. How did you react and what did you think? Personally, I get sort of scared of such events because if their is no answer, I feel like logic has failed my. Share your opinions!

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I hate to bring up faith, but I guess I have "faith" that there is an explanation?
I hate to bring up faith, but I guess I have "faith" that there is an explanation? - PRG


I'd say that I have confidence that a rational explantion exists. I leave faith and belief to the folks who believe in ghosts and magic.

I always use lightning and thunder, that is  say 500 or1000 years ago humans did not know what caused them so we attributed it to the gods / god, now days we know exactly what causes them.

everything else is just like that, we simply dont know, YET,  what causes some things but there is no evidence that the gods /  god caused them

For a while I had the misconception that Natural Selection ended and humans were the finalists. Nature continues its quest for perfection through genetic alterations and mutations. The only difference is that humans interfere with nature to maintain the status quo. I heard that dolphins were once land animals that returned to the sea. I don't know if that's true or theory, but it's possible that if humans didn't invent medicine, we might be an entirely different looking animal. Once in a while, nature produced a horrific mutation, often with the help of humans, that proves devastating to the environment.


That factoid about dolphins is true about whales.  It can be studied from the skeletal structure of whales...there are vestigial bones in the flipper area.  Similar to the vestigial tail that humans have at the last vertebrae sometimes!  If you're not familiar with the book, 'Why Evolution is True', I highly recommend it...I read it a few months ago and you might find it as interesting as I did: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn16347-review-why-evolution-is....
I think, "That's interesting.  I wonder what the explanation WILL BE."  I believe there will be an explanation, and that explanation will be empirical.  This belief of mine is backed by considerable past experience, as I am 67 years old.
Well I consider all the possibilities, 'God(s)' is at the very end of a very long list. On the topic of 'mysterious animal deaths,' right off the top of my head I think- pollution & disease. Causes that humans are intimately involved in, even if they are completely ignorant of the effects their actions have. Chemical, GM, monoculture 'agriculture,' hydraulic fracking, military weapons testing, unsanitary disease generating conditions, food poisoning, genetic uniformity = weak to a single disease strain, ect...
I put my faith in science before I put my faith in biblical prophecy!  I figure, with time, curious scientists will come up with theories and explanations.  Logic will prevail over mysticism.
Explanations of 'weird' events are not hard to come up with. Just depends on if you have the correct explanation.
I usually think, "Whoa.  Freaky."  Then I stop thinking about it.  I assume there's some sort of explanation, but figuring it out would take more time than it's worth to me, so I let it go.

Xians have for decades been trying to replace evolution in public school science courses with the Genesis account: creation in six days, etc. The courts keep on rejecting their attempts.

The few xians who keep up with real science say that not-yet-explained events are the work of their god. Some evolutionists say these xians are plugging gaps in scientific knowledge with a "god of the gaps."

Xians have tried creationism, scientific creationism, intelligent design, 'teach the controversy' and more. We can be sure of one thing: their explanations will evolve further.


Well, when the animals were dying off, I assumed it was some new superbug killing them off. >.> After all, new diseases are always occurring.


As for when weird shiznit happens in my life, I will joke that "if there is a god, I'm clearly his personal sitcom." But I just think it's an annoying coincidence. I'm trying to think of something that clearly cannot be explained for me that I witnessed firsthand... But I can't think of anything right now.




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