I have noticed that when something out of the ordinary occurs, people usually use God as the cause of a weird situation. How do you react to situations like that? For example, back in January when animals were randomly dying off people were convinced that it was the end of the world. How did you react and what did you think? Personally, I get sort of scared of such events because if their is no answer, I feel like logic has failed my. Share your opinions!

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I try to think of any possible explanations I can come up with. Usually down the road I stumble across a news article or podcast that announces the explanation. I can't think of any modern occurrences that still really have everyone stumped. There's usually some compelling and plausible theory for everything, even from the get go.

I don't jump to any conclusion, but assume that a logical explanation exists.  I'll often check to see if similar events have occurred in the past.  When the big blackout occurred in the northeast US about 7 years ago, a lot of people were freaking out thinking that it was a terrorist attack.  I vaguely recalled hearing about some large blackouts in the 1970s, so I looked it up and confirmed that such blackouts had occurred before. 


I am of the opinion that a supernatural explanation is, by definition, a lesser likely cause than a natural explanation.

I fall back on the scientific explanation: "Shit happens."


Really though, the expectation of some people that they have to have a quick answer to a question is the real problem here. The thing to learn though is when you don't have one, it's not necessary to make one up; at least, not if you're an adult.

use 'G'od... you mean god, as in the creation myth that every human culture shares? do to... the days before science.. ugh hugh




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