Not sure  if any of you are aware of the Daily Kos......but I read something  there today  that  was very upsetting........A funeral  was scheduled recently  for a local man in Tampa  and was suddenly  cancelled by the church where he was to be buried......The reason given was the deceased was in a same sex  marriage, and  some members  of the congregation were  horrified....The Preacher said  that since he  teaches  his  congregation that  homosexuality is a sin, he could  not  go through with that funeral.....This  was a day  before  the Funeral  mind you..... His excuse  was  he had just found out  of the same sex marriage, and could not go through with  officiating.  ............Can you imagine  how  all this is to a grieving  family, and the heartache  this  caused  them all......It just goes to show  how Theists are such  hypocrites...... They should ask themselves  what their lord Jesus would have done ......just saying...... 

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How horrible, for that pastor to abruptly turn his back on a parishioner grieving for the loss of her son! Yet more evidence that religious leaders don't receive any supernatural guidance in being moral or ethical! If there were a god that cared about human beings and didn't hide from sincere seekers, she/he/it might at least help clergy of the true religion be inspiring, shining examples to other people.

(Yes, there are quite a few clergy for whom conscience, empathy, and reason -- the actual foundation of morality -- win out over cruel and obsolete dogma. This minister isn't one of them.)

There's been an amazing backlash on the Internet against the church (h/t to Sentient Biped for sharing this in LGBTQI Atheists) :

Church That Canceled Funeral Of Gay Man Flooded With Hundreds Of Negative Reviews
(The New Civil Rights Movement)

A few choice comments and reviews that people left about the church, quoted in the article:

"Well, you are a shining example of why I no longer believe in God...if a loving God existed, He would not allow people like you to use His name to harm others."

"Shame on you for cancelling that young gay man's funeral. I'm sure God would be so proud of you for being so judgemental. And organized religion wonders why so many people are slipping away?"

"Do you refuse to conduct funeral services for people who break other of what you understand to be God's laws and rules? [...] Would that not include everyone in your congregation who is not perfect in God's eyes?"

"In Timothy 2:8 we read: 'I will therefore that [...] women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array.' Which is why you also don't allow funeral arrangements for women with braided hear or who wear jewelry. Am I right?"

"What blacks went through in this lifetime should make you less prejudice. We are human. [...] Pastor Jenkins you should be ashamed. I feel sorry for you....that man suffered. His family is suffering. You showed them hate. [...] It's not human what you did. You're a monster"

And just a few of the many one-star reviews I found on their Facebook page:

"HYPOCRITES . . . plain & simple. Tell me, when was the last time you denied services to a divorced person . . . a thief . . . an adulterer . . . someone that eats shellfish???
Didn't think so . . . HYPOCRITES!!!

"This church is espousing hate disguised as religion. You don't see them refusing those that are divorced, tattooed, or wearing mixed fibers. No, this is all about personal bigotry."

"treat others as you would like to be treated, you'd think by the time death happens one would be able to do such."

"Perfect example of why 'religious organizations' should NOT be tax exempt!"

"I guess that directive by Christ to "love one another" doesn't apply here, eh? Oh, and why am I not surprised that you've removed all contact info from your website? Guess you can't stand the heat...cowards."

"'judge not lest ye be judged.' shame on you for cancelling this man's funeral. if you are what 'christians' are, i am glad i'm an atheist."

Too many xians are arrogant and shameless about their "personal relationship" with an imaginary being.  The criticisms just roll off them like water off a duck's back, and they are proud that they are being "persecuted."  They LOVE feeling put-upon so much that they invented a "war on xmas" just so they could have an annual whine.

I do read Daily Kos but not every day, and I missed this one. Funerals are about the surviving family and loved ones of the deceased, possibly also a reflection of the deceased life or celibration of their lives. What the hypocrite pastor was really saying here was that he couldn't "preach this man into heaven" at the funeral. I hate when they do that, and almost all of them do that at a funeral.

What should have been done was to forget heaven and talk to the survivors about this man and learn something of him. Then you can have a service that reflects his life and celibrates it well for the family. This was the human thing to do, but the preachers do not do it. They need to learn about human beings and understand that a funeral is not about heaven. A funeral is also not about making statements on who might go to heaven. A funeral is the end of a life.




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