In a backhanded sort of way, Sean Patrick Banks has done us all a favor of sorts.  Banks sits in a California jail with a bond set at a million dollars.  His crime?  Using a religiously-oriented dating website to meet up with religiously-inclined women in order to rape them.  One might wonder if the bail is set so high because of the precise manner of effecting the offense(s) charged.  Do all rapists merit so high a bail or just rapists whose victims are the devout? Banks is not likely the only wolf in sheep's clothing going online to arrange a rendezvous with a "good Christian seeking same." But if his crime scares people away from Christian Mingles dot com, we're all to the better for it.

That's because Christians have been raping the minds of children for centuries.  Inculcation of religious ideas in the young is the #1 recruitment tool for the delusional belief system we call religion.  As all members of this site know well, children do not as a rule "find God" on their own.  They grow up practicing the religion of their parents. Monkey see, monkey do.  Shaking oneself free of all the nonsensical dogma one is brought up to believe True is a Herculean task that sometimes takes a lifetime.  (In my own case, I did not figure it all out -- come to understand that all religion in delusional -- until I was in my 60s.  Anything like this, whether it be the resignation of a pope at the center of ongoing child molestation and priestly misbehavior scandals (the Nazi pontiff), or a fundamentalist evangelical preacher caught with a prostitute (Jimmy Swaggart), helps us all by stripping away the layers of hypocrisy that appear to be epidemic in The Priesthood.

So while I am upset that Banks would violate women, I am glad that it might lead to further disillusionment with the oldest con game on earth.  (The Priesthood is not the oldest profession, but prostitutes are a lot more honest.)  The whole idea of a Christian dating site is phony.  Their TV ads make it seem like God is dictating the choices one makes when one selects from a list of contacts among like-minded "good Christian folks."  In fact, science makes the choices, the science of computer technology.  The claim of divine guidance to a potential life partner t is doubly hypocritical since science and religion can never be reconciled.  Either man is millions of years old or he was created by a superior being about 6,000 years BCE.  I am not suggesting we would be better of with more Sean Bankses at work in the world, but he is a piece in the jigsaw puzzle of disbelief.  I am sorry a few women allegedly fell victim to his horny ways, but I am glad his example may dissuade many from seeking a partner online or, mirabile dictu!, force them into acknowledgment of the stupidity of belief.

What it all boils down to is simply this: If God is choosing the partners one hooks up with at, God is either a cruel son of a bitch or he is impotent to keep these women out of the clutches of sexual predators.  God is either a capricious bastard or a powerless jerk.

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