Music is always evolving and so are the instruments that people use. Have you seen any unique performances that you'd like to share?

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Years ago, I was probably in high school at the time, I attended a Gamelan concert at the Field Museum of Natural History much like this:

They have a very active community here in Chicago:

There are quite a few interesting instruments at The Oddmusic Gallery, many with sound clips, including a balloon-powered bubble organ and a didjibodhran (which according to inventor Barry Hall also makes a nice cat bed).


There's also Brian Kidd, the Unipiper, who plays flaming bagpipes in various costumes while unicycling.

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see,on youtube, the Barr Brothers performing in a bicycle shop, using bike parts among their instruments.Also. on Loreena McKennitt, live from the Alhambra in Spain, there is a fellow playing what looks like a giutar with a keyboard and hand-crank attached...

I dk what it is.

Thanks for that pointer!

The other instrument you mentioned is probably a hurdy-gurdy or "wheel fiddle", which sounds something like a bowed bagpipe. Certainly an interesting and cool instrument!

Here's Gregory Jolivet, playing hurdy-gurdy through effects pedals and a looper -- he's literally playing with himself! :)

I like that sound.


I haven't listened to "wheel fiddle"  for  some time.  I didn't notice the 'formal' hurdy-gurdy in this insturmental.

A slide guitar is neat to listen to.

Robert Randolph & The Family Band - Run For Your Life.

I appologize for those with high frequency hearing loss. It'll probably sound nothing other than noise to you. I have trouble discerning the tones.

Wow! That was a major jam. Loved it.

I think I posted this elsewhere, but I thought it was worth it to repost here.  This is a harp-guitar, with six additional unfretted strings and a greater resonance volume.  The guitarist is Antonine Dufour:


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