United States Department of Education should no longer recognize TRACS as an accreditation body.

TRACS (Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools) is being used to give accreditation to nonsense tertiary institutions, such as Creationist Colleges and Home Schooling for giving them an accreditation for their courses.

The United States Department of Education, stupidly recognises TRACS accreditation, yet it is even recommended by some Christian groups to avoid completely TRACS accredited institutions, as their accreditation is essentially worthless.

 If USDE dumped TRACS as an accreditation organization, the likes of Ken Ham, could no longer claim to have accredited courses for his Creationist partner organizations.

TRACS was originated by the Institute for Creation Research and it should never have been recognised from the start.  The Bible should never be a source of education for any subject.

Theology is purely errant nonsense on stilts, it should never have any form of accreditation from a national education provider, it should be limited to self accreditation by the religion providing the particular vein of theological study.

Though like much in United States Education, extreme stupidity rules the roost!

Here is an NCSE article mentioning TRACS and how it was started by the nutjob Henry Morris who also founded the Institute for Creation Research.

Though one thing I will give Texas credit for, is that it doesn't recognize TRACS accreditation.  

Neither should the rest of the USA.

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All this stuff goes to expose how close American society is to the European ''dark ages''. With such a high percentage of people believing in genesis it's no wonder obscurantist organisations gain credibility; and their worried about communist ideology!!!!!!!

I think it shows such poor decision making and poor control that the American government actually has over the various aspects of the public landscape.  It's like every state, every industry and sector does what they feel and the federal government is nothing but a rubber stamp.




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