University of Florida Eliminates Computer Science Department

Wow, no one saw this coming.  The University of Florida announced this past week that it was dropping its computer science department, which will allow it to save about $1.7 million.  The school is eliminating all funding for teaching assistants in computer science, cutting the graduate and research programs entirely, and moving the tattered remnants into other departments.

Let’s get this straight: in the midst of a technology revolution, with a shortage of engineers and computer scientists, UF decides to cut computer science completely?

Please read the rest of the article on Forbes.

I can't even begin to fathom what the university was thinking. If you're interested in helping out with this, please visit .

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Okay, lemme get this straight:

UF is clipping their Computer Science Department, a total savings of $1.7 million, while their athletic department by itself has a budget of $99 million?!?  Ya know ... there's a word I'm trying to come up with that expresses the absurdity of this business as succinctly as possible ... and I think I have it:


I think they are making money off of their athletic department.  Or at the least, they are getting cheep advertisement from the department.  I would be interested in seeing their books to confirm that.  This is a reflection on our culture.  Of course I have seen worse.

Ugh!  This is sad news. 

wow! i don't know what else to

Have any of you visited the Save UF CISE website to show your support?




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