I'm not one who dislikes the taste of water-- but I'm a water snob. I grew up in the mountains with amazing water, better than bottled. Now I'm off to college and the water tastes like... well, like a pool.

Filtered one, two, or three times helps substantially, but it is difficult, time consuming, and it is not the same taste-- it causes me to drink less than I would like to. Is there a more effective way, without buying pricey bottled water?

Currently, what I’m using is a filter on the sink, and a bottle with a filter built into the lid. I also have a filtered pitcher. It’s adequate, but I’d like to know what anyone else does who has this problem.

(Plus the little black specks of carbon are kind of throwing me off.)

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My wife and I use a 3 stage on faucet filter manufactured by dupont we bought for about 20 bucks at walmart, and the 200 gallon filter replacements run around 15ish. So far it is the best we've tried, tougher then pur on faucets (our pur filters always broke at the connecter to the faucet) and britta filter strip out too easy. The filter almost completely removes city chlorination and if you fill a pitcher and let it sit in your fridge at least overnight the rest goes away.
That is great to know!! Thanks, I'll definitely look into that (current is a Culligan). That could be perfect.
Yes, thanks for this info. I've been wanting to get a filter myself.


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