I'm receiving notifications in my personal e-mail account regarding new messages in my AtheistNexus inbox that are between 12 and 24 hours old.  I also received a duplicate notification today, Friday, regarding a new message I was notified of and read two days ago on Wednesday.  This isn't happening to all messages, just a few here and there over the past week or so.  I know it's not my e-mail "Settings" as I've made no changes and most of my message notifications are received instantly, as they should be.

I'm curious if anyone else on this site is having similar problems.  


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I've had the same thing happen to me. I thought I had some sort of issue with my email. It appears the site is having some issue regarding mail delivery.

Thanks for the reply, Steph.  I'll contact the administrators so they can be aware of the issue. 




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