My nomination goes to the person who designed women's pants to fit so tight they just crawled right up between the cheeks of their butts!! Whoever you are, I LOVE YOU!!

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This has been around for an hour and I'm the first to comment - I can't believe it . . .
Whoever disagrees with that statement will reveal themselves to be a religious puritan.
And whatever you're drinking, I'll have one too.
It's Seagram's Seven and diet 7 Up. That's in keeping with my professed program of "drink'n cheap whiskey and chase'n loose women"!
Steve, or a girl. Those are damn uncomfortable, especially if you ever plan to sit.
Yeah, but they'll make even an average girl look SEXY!
Er, apparently I'm going to out myself as a religious puritan here, but doesn't it entirely depend on the butt in question?
Well, that's why I specified "average" Puritan, er Pilgram!




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