Wow! Sodomites spreading sputum and secretions at Starbucks! Scandalous and scary!

NOM, the front "secular" organization funded by Mormons and Knights of Columbus and other Catholics, tried to boycott Starbucks due to Starbucks' support for Marriage Equality. Not that one has anything to do to the other.

"The Gutter" alley in Brooklyn is a dark danky place for Sodomites to congregate? No way I would know, but nice of him to provide tourist info on gay meeting places.

"If you want to get Ebola, go to Starbucks!" Would you like room for Ebola in your coffee?

"Andrew Homo Cuomo" and "Governor Crispy Creme Cristie". Holy Jesus, what a comedian!

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The First Amendment protects the speech of fools from censorship by government.

It does not protect them from a civil lawsuit for slander or libel by private entities.

Can Starbucks show they've been harmed?

Ooh, can I really get my body fluids "hand-shaken" at Starbucks?

I'd say the Lord needs better help.

It's not clear from the video whether that's all Starbucks, or just participating Starbucks stores. It might be like giving away the coffee grouds for gardening, some stores will, and some stores wont,

So where do downtrodden sodomites go?? I guess to "the Gutter." But what about the ones who can't afford a ticket to New York?

Good question. Ebola isn't just for New Yorkers. But if you can catch it there, you can catch it anywhere.

But if you can catch it there, you can catch it anywhere.

ROTFLMAO! Somehow I don't think this will become the new motto for the CDC.

You may get royalties from the Republicans for years though! It'll be on every campaign flyer through the 2016 election.

Where else but to San Francisco?

Xians have for decades called the Bay Area Sodom and Gomorrah.

That funny man has got a fears and he wants to spread them. He'd better stay home, lock the door and throw away the key. Then I'll cut his telephone/internet wires.

Thank you for offering to do that! You would be doing the world a favor.

Been a while since I've seen videos from ole 'rev' Manning. He's the same guy that accused President Obama of being a "long legged Mac Daddy" (slang for a pimp), who likes white women with large breasts, and said Michelle Obama looks like King Kong's baby sister. He's a real piece of work. 

You can see more of this pathetic clown, if you're really bored and feeling slightly masochistic, here

Pathetic clown is right. He's like something from The Onion.

I'm confused. Did the Sodomites at Starbucks get Ebola from others at the Gutter Bowling Alley, or did some of them go to a bath house where people with Ebola wanted to shake hands and they had these rings with special pins on them? Do people at bath houses even shake hands? If the "cured" doctor is spreading Ebola at the bowling alley how does he do that? I thought he was cured. Who ratted the doctor out for being a Sodomite? How did they know? Is Starbucks going to sue this bastard or are they just getting more publicity?

Inquiring minds want to know. Also, when do the Obama's get a divorce?


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