Wow! Sodomites spreading sputum and secretions at Starbucks! Scandalous and scary!

NOM, the front "secular" organization funded by Mormons and Knights of Columbus and other Catholics, tried to boycott Starbucks due to Starbucks' support for Marriage Equality. Not that one has anything to do to the other.

"The Gutter" alley in Brooklyn is a dark danky place for Sodomites to congregate? No way I would know, but nice of him to provide tourist info on gay meeting places.

"If you want to get Ebola, go to Starbucks!" Would you like room for Ebola in your coffee?

"Andrew Homo Cuomo" and "Governor Crispy Creme Cristie". Holy Jesus, what a comedian!

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We will have to ask Pat Robertson about that. He knows all that stuff.

I guess everyone hates hipsters,

If we have a category of people who we call "hipsters", and can identify someone as such, then we might get to whether people love, hate, or are indifferent to hipsters.  My general impression is the hipster category encompasses a type of attitude, maybe some common affectations,  an urban situation, but I don't know much more.

But what if the Ebola virus changes and can be spread by other means.

Wait. Is that evolution? Sorry strike that it can't happen then


Yes, that would be evolution.  Good point! 

But maybe, god will change it so it can be spread by other means, to punish the Starbucks sodomites and the formerly blessed-by-god country (except for the civil war, and that depression and dustbowl thing) that allows such abominations to exist.




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