Urge Congress to Oppose Divisive 'In God We Trust' Resolution!

The House is currently considering renewing the motto "in god we trust" and encouraging its display... the American Secular Coalition has created a form letter that you can send to your congressman by entering your zipcode and name... this is our chance to get congress to listen.



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Thanks for posting the link. I don't think Rep. Randy Neugebauer tx19th will pay any attention to my email but it sure can't hurt to send it.
Done and gladly so.  Besides, what is wrong with E pluribus, unum, anyway?
My Texas rep is a douchetard, but, like Kurt, I sent the email.
Thanks guys! Please feel free to copy this link and send it around.
I do this all the time:
take all of your money (paper) and take a pen. scratch out the in god(s) we trust and print in
do this on all your $$$s.
this corrects the constitutional corruption of our money.
if everyone started doing this we could change it.
but if no one is willing to do the constitutionaly justified subversion then
we will continue to have this on our $$s.
making a rubber stamp is a great idea...just make it E PLURIBUS UNUM

Fun idea.

I send an email daily. It's time we moved on from ancient superstition as a nation.

I forgot that Kevin Mcarthy was my representative. sigh...

Every time I get excited about contacting my representative, I'm suddenly hit with the horrible reality that I live in Oklahoma. I know I should speak up, but it feels so utterly pointless where I live that I often don't.

Just did, sent it to Russ Carnahan (MO-3). Hopefully he'll listen to it.


Gotta remember, all that "god" stuff came during the Red Scare of the 1950s - you know, all them godless Commies and stuff. Joe McCarthy, one of the most paranoid members of Congress ever. It's a wonder we ever survived it.

I have sent 2 letters to Lamar Smith (TX). In his response to the first he stated:

H.Con.Res. 13 recognizes that trust in God is embedded into the fabric of this country's society and history and rejects the notion that the laws and Constitution of this country require the exclusion of God from matters of government and public life.  It also reaffirms "In God We Trust" as the official motto of the United States and encourages its display in all public buildings, public schools, and other government institutions.   I support the goals of H.Con.Res 13.....

He further states that he "believe(s) it is Congress' duty to uphold our constitutional guarantee of religious freedom for all Americans."  I replied:

If you indeed "believe that it is Congress' duty to uphold our constitutional guarantee of religious freedom for all Americans" you cannot support legislation that favors trust in any god, much less a particular one.

I doubt that it will have any affect but doing nothing is not an option.


A side note @matt warren:  I do this as well. I do it for several reasons. It can spark dialogue when the recipient of a "corrected" bill asks about it.  It has the potential to incite curiosity and thereby jump-start the thinking process in someone who might be otherwise mindlessly counting a stack of bills.  Getting someone to just start thinking is a good thing.  And of course it is certainly a personal statement. My son thinks it's arrogance, attempting to impose my personal non-belief on others.  I just smile and let him think. He's a fairly smart young man so maybe he'll arrive at another conclusion in time.




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