Postal Service mail in New York City has already stopped in some areas. 

"The Mail Just Stopped": Coronavirus Staffing Shortages And Budget ...

The devastating spread of COVID-19 is taking a toll on one of New York City's most essential services: mail delivery. From the north Bronx to Greenwich Village to Bushwick, New York residents say it's been days, if not weeks, since they last received their parcels.

As thousands of workers nationwide have entered quarantine to stop the spread of the virus, the U.S. Postal Service has acknowledged that there are severe staffing shortages in certain zip codes throughout the city. 

...  primarily in the 10014 zip code, which covers the west side of Manhattan between Houston and 14th Street. Some said they hadn't received anything in over a week.

..., postal workers across the country haven't been provided soap, hand sanitizer, gloves, or other basic necessities, even as they're expected to touch thousands of objects each day.

“As a direct result of the coronavirus crisis, it has become clear that the Postal Service will not survive the summer without immediate assistance from Congress and the White House,"...

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In cases like this Covid-19 is doing the governmental biding. For years they have wanted to either take over or eliminate the Postal Service as we know it. This can start in New York and drag on a while, maybe years. Then there will come that day when we do not have mail as we know it. This means that every person will not have mail unless they are able to have Internet. The elite gain more power. If then the big satellites in the sky go down we are set back over 200 years.




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