US Paris deal withdrawal: Extreme weather and climate change explained

It is difficult for me to understand those who deny the connection between extreme weather, climate change, and human action. The Earth responds to changes with natural forces. Humans pump tons of particulates into the air and Earth responds the ways dictated by nature. We can't fool nature. We can delude ourselves into thinking we can do whatever we want to our water, air, and soils, but there is a consequence to what we do, not because of human laws or opinions, but because nature exists beyond the control of humans. 
Some believe the Earth exists to serve humans, others believe humans exist to participate in the processes of nature.
US Paris deal withdrawal: Extreme weather and climate change explained

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Why the panic?

If climate change reduces the world's human population by fifty percent, there will be costs and benefits. Identify them and then decide whether to panic.

Only 50%? What? Me worry?

I started the reduction on my own, but it's slow work.. 

Thanks, Plinius, for the excellent site

Most Volunteers subscribe to the philosophy embodied in the motto “May we live long and die out”, but if someone doesn’t want to live long that’s their business. Really, the only action required for becoming a VHEMT Volunteer or Supporter is not adding another human being to the population. A couple could conceivably be expecting and decide to become VHEMT. That new human would be the last one they produced. VHEMT Supporters are not necessarily in favor of human extinction, but agree that no more of us should be created at this time.

Volunteers are so diverse in religious, political, and philosophical views that it would be divisive to begin formulating official Movement positions.

Beware of dogmas. We speak with our own voices.

I'm a voluntary nonbreeder too.

Plinius, from 1927 when my parents' conceived their first until 1963 when their fifth left for college, they mostly worked. (My mom said a baby is heaven going in and hell coming out.)

During a six-year marriage my wife and I bred none; we played.

I was unwanted in my parents' house, so I lightened the burden by not having children. I have used my maternal feelings for stray cats, other unwanted people and almost everything that needed some extra care. 


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