we're not just imagining this.  this article was written by someone who experienced it first hand.  we're on a dangerous path, and one of the most important questions we need ask ourselves is can it be stopped?  have we reached the tipping point? 


the answer may come in November.  if the GTP (Grand Theocratic Party) loses heavily perhaps they will revisit their strategy.  although, i'm not sure how well that would go over with their God-addicted masses. 


now, let's imagine the frightening alternative.  what if Gingrich or Santorum pulls off a win?  what if the GTP holds their own this November in other races?  it would be validation that this is what the masses want.  they would want a Christian version of Pakistan (pick your Muslim state).  i'm not so foolish as to think it would happen overnight.  and it's possible that the attempts to make this a true Christian Nation would be rejected once the agenda became clearer. 


but by then it might be too late.  if, in the name of God, you believe that you are doing what is in his best interest, you can justify nearly anything.  i will personally be voting for Obama, but these words sound safer by the minute:  "President Mit Romney".

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at least we know that Mormonism won't take over the country!


as for your question - this is totally unrelated by way of an answer, but it may clue you into the minds of who the GTP supporters are.  i'm sure you've heard similar stories, but this article chilled me to the bones:

Exactly the way I feel and think.  I cannot get over the lack of outrage about this kind of religious litmus test gaining ground with the general public.  It is practically expected of presidential candidates to 'prove' their Christianity.  I agree that we citizens want to know about a candidates opinions and 'moral fiber', so to speak, but specific religious affiliation should be kept as private as possible!  (There is also no attention being paid to 'faith based initiatives'....another subject...but just as insidious to the Separation of Church and State.)

i laughed my ass off when i heard Maher call him that. 



"He really doesn't like condoms. He said if men are going to pull something on to prevent procreation, nothing works better that a sweater vest." -Bill Maher




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