US troops using weapons marked with secret 'Jesus' Bible codes

ABC News is reporting that rifle scopes provided to the US military by the Michigan-based Trijicon Corporation are inscribed with coded references to New Testament Bible passages about Jesus Christ... and have been for years. They appear above the model number on the sight and just below the words, "MADE IN USA". Included are New Testament verses such as JN8:12 (John, Chapter 8, verse 12), "Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life"; 2COR4:6, "For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ" as well as verses from the books of Revelation and Matthew.

According to ABCNews, Trijicon confirmed that the insciptions on their ACOG (Advanced Combat and Optical Guide) scopes referred to Bible verses and their sales and marketing director, Tom Munson added that they "have always been there." The practice was begun by the company founder, Glyn Bindon, a devout Christian from South Africa who died in a 2003 plane crash. The company website makes reference to it's vision of goodness through Biblical values. Trijicon received a $660 million contract in 2005 to supply up to 800,000 gun sights to the US Marine Corps. Additional government weapons contracts totaling at least another $133 million were received in 2008 and 2009.

It gets worse. The US has been supplying these"Jesus weapons" to our allies in Afghanistan and Iraq... who haven't found out about the codes yet. (more here)

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This means the U.S. is fighting a counter Jihad. Sounds a bit like "Praise the lord and pass the ammunition". It seems that throughout history religious nutters have been at it. After all, "god is on our side" right? Even the Nazis wore "Got mit Uns" on their uniforms.
Reminds me of what Saint George Carlin said about on of the ten commandments,"Religion has never had a problem with killing. Not really".
I could really start ranting here, but I'll just close with, some of my friends are rligious morons.
I doubt many of the folks who use the weapons are ever aware of the the little religious reference. I think it was simply put there to make Glyn Bindon feel less guilty about how he earned his living. - Hypocritical, but he slept at night.
There is an interesting list of alternative verses here:

I wonder why they didn't use the one about castrating yourself for Jesus?

And if the person who decided to put the verses on the gun sights was smitten in a plane crash by god, why don't they take the hint and get rid of these markings/ Clearly, they are upsetting someone's god (or gods).
Once again, more stories of tax money going the wrong way.
Well, not the arms, we have the right to bear those but the mention of any god(s) goes against the (our) Constitution; tax money.

Again, when I see a tattered American flag I get pissed. When I see some religion trying to hijack the flag, do the math.

Seems nowdays, many in places of influence or management are schizophrenic.
At the behest of honest workers, the ones that care... at least the feds are busting up the ponzi schemes... in Florida that is. Like Saddumb in Iraq, you can run, mask w/faith but you can't hide.

Ingersoll rules!
I fail to understand why the manufacturers would even consider doing this. What point do they think they are making? If it's purely as an expression of faith, isn't there some commandment thing about not killing".
This might be the worst non-story, useless non-journalistic bullshit I have ever seen.

1. In America, citizens are free to do whatever is not prohibited by law; i.e. if Glyn Bindon wants a catalog system, for his product, from his company, to contain Biblical verses ~ it is his choice, period.

2. The Army and Marines had no prior knowledge of this, and as it doesn't affect the operability of the device; it is non-sequitur. The ACOG is a very nice accessory to an SPR/M16A2; well worth the money.

3. Separation of Church and State has nothing to do with this; again, the company has the liberty of creating whatever catalog system for their products and there is no evidence, none, to show the government had any intent to contract this company with that as a parameter.

4. If this were on the bullets/slugs, then there could be a discussion about intent.

5. Once again, the ineffable fucking morons of the mass media endanger our soldiers; for no other reason than their own agenda to create hype over a non-issue to generate revenue. This isn't news, it's just fucking pathetic how they seek to create issues that make the dangers and difficulties greater for American service persons, just for an agenda driven by profit.
While the stamping of a biblical reference on the body of a sniper scope has no direct impact on the functionality of the device, its presence goes to the mindset either of the manufacturer or his playing to the choir, in this case, the administration who were likely in power at the time.

It is worth noting that the Pentagon reports during the vast majority of Bush 43's administration included bible quotes which (supposedly) played to the reader thereof, such quotes being discontinued not long after Barack Obama took office.

For me, it's more about the whole "look-at-us-see how-Christian-we-are" attitude which very likely gave rise to the clearly spurious addition to said scopes. Question: does Bushnell or Zeiss do anything similar? I'd be dubious at best.

Granted, I do not know the backstory behind that imprint, but considering the utterly overt religious attitude of the Bush 43 administration, someone at Trijicon may have decided to play to a very specific audience to further secure their contract. Again, I'll grant you: this is speculation ... but Trijicon is hardly the only choice as it comes to targeting optics.

Were they favored for a reason somewhere?
By showing both our Muslim allies and enemies in the Middle-East that our statement that US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq are not there as crusaders ...may be a lie.

By handing them a weapon, both literally and as propaganda, to support that contention.

In 1857, the Hindu and Moslem sepoys in the British Indian Army mutinied over the mere rumour that the paper cartridges they were issued were greased with pig and cow fat; something that offended the religious sensibilities of both.

The bit of stupidity that this story has revealed is also probably going to offend Afghan and Iraqi religious sensibilities. And the 'Jesus' codes on the scopes can't even be played down as a rumor. They're an easily verifiable fact.

The story endangers the lives of American soldiers because the presence of these scopes in the hands of our troops and allies has been revealed. Of course there would be no story if government weapons procurors had the brains to ask questions of a supplier whose web page revealed their tendency to wear their religion (literally) on their sleeve... or if the supplier had the slightest sensibility about any religion other than their own.
The story endangers the lives of American soldiers because the presence of these scopes in the hands of our troops and allies has been revealed.

And woefully, no one seems to want to address this as the more pertinent issue; oh wait, there must not be "Republicans" or "Conservatives" working at ABC. In the event that any service person is injured, or worse, killed, because of this pernicious, ignominious bit of shameless media for profiteering activity: those responsible should be tried as treasonists and enemies of the State, and hung from the fucking neck until dead.

Tired of American service persons dying, suffering and being systematically victimised/ignored because of the mindless agendas of this worthless populace.
I don't think F of A really understands, or likes, the idea of a free press. The "ineffable f**ing morons of the mass media" didn't act irresponsibly. They didn't publish any military secrets here or tip the enemy off about some upcoming campaign. They revealed an infringement (witting or unwitting, it doesn't matter) against American law by the government that is supposed to be upholding it (Trijicon has the right to inscribe whatever they want on their scopes though if they weren't so arrogantly stupid about it, they might have informed the government of the possible conflict with constitutional and military regulations so this mess could have been avoided) to the American people ...and that's the job a free press is supposed to do.
Pardon me Mr. Kramer if I flatly disagree, as an individual with a bit of direct knowledge of combat theatre operations. Prudence is required when actions present the possibility of further endangering the lives of those who maintain the press' ability to be "free".

I am well aware of the necessity of free press from the ethical and socially responsible journalistic side; but baseless media hype that can, and has been shown in the past to, cause problems for American service persons abroad ... well, I guess there is more than one standard of what "free press" is intended to stand for.

Responsible action: take this to the government first, before reporting it publicly. If the government baulks, refuses to act; then by all means, it becomes a matter for social pressure to be applied.

The free press' "job" is journalism, not media sensationalism. Accept in this society, of the ever more corrupted populace, where facts, personal responsibility/accountability are meaningless.
But doesn't a tiny bit of the Bible verse magically attach itself to the bullet and fly true into the non-Xtian enemy?

Humorous hyperbole duly noted, lol. Feel free to show evidence and I will willingly quell my protestations.




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