USA... post Bush influence/and defunding further of mental health sector; this is what you get:

honestly did not even watch vid yet; the comments there were enough of a brain opener whoa!

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hey atheist nexus ning.. yer 'embed' does not work when i ad text to post? ...

mentally ill in charge of tax money double worse

Quite a moving speech.

I read some of the comments. Most of the time I stay off comment threads except with Atheist Nexus. The comments on the video seemed like "this is my opinion". Maybe there were comments that linked to references. I did not read that far.

Regardless, I wish him well. I hope he finds some inner peace.

Not to defend Bush, but this is one area where even a dumpload of money will be of marginal good. I doubt our situation would be much better regardless of the policies followed.

For one thing there is no treatment (often not even a clear diagnosis) for most conditions. Unlike many other diseases, for many, perhaps most mental conditions have no cure, or even long term recovery. Drugs are highly unpredictable and most are eventually destructive to the patient in the long term.

Talk therapy works for a minority of people who already have the mental machinery in place to take charge of their situation. Most people in trouble are not in that state.

In my own family there were several mental illness tragedies (including suicide) and in NONE of those cases was it due to lack of access to psychiatric care or lack of family involvement. These people went down hill despite what anyone could do for them. It was painful.

Facilities to house these people are the only somewhat practical approach, but unless you are willing to have government routinely forcing people into such places against their will (it's a common situation that many people, after having some success, abandon treatment and insist on doing it on their own).

The truth is, in a free society the best you can do is offer help, and the ones who most need it are the least likely to accept it. A cancer patient or heart patient is usually anxious to embark on a treatment. a mental patient often is not.




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