[USA] Re: Rep. Paul Broun and his anti science remarks

A good number of the members within this community are likely well aware of the comments made by Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) that show a complete lack of understanding of the most fundamental principles of science and naturalism. Here's a video of it.

There has been a petition started requesting that the House Science Committee remove Rep. Broun from the committee immediately as his very presence on the committee is damaging. Please consider signing it. Furthermore, there is a greater concern. Rep. Broun also sits on the following committees:

Chairman, Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight

Subcommittee on Energy and Environment

House Committee on Homeland Security:

Subcommittee on Intelligence and Terrorism Risk Assessment

Subcommittee on Global Counterterrorism

House Committee on Natural Resources:

Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands

Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources

People like this do not belong in our Congress.

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Signed enthusiastically.  Broun belongs on that committee like I belong on Io!  [Hmph, I doubt Broun even knows what Io IS!]

Oh gross - that guy must not know any science at all!!

That guy is so dumb.

Anyways, I teach evolution and natural selection in my biology labs.

What incredible mechanisms those things are. How much do you delve into genetics?

You have to wonder whether this is about what he actually truly believes or what his supporters want to hear? Both would be extremely dangerous, but I think it is worse if he is only appeasing supporters with this type of extremist speech. That means that he might say and do a lot of crazy shit because he is easily moved to do so by a small but vocal minority. Whereas if he truly believes what he is saying there is still a chance that he realizes that his constitutional duty to be a voice of all of his constituents is much more important than his belief in crazy BS. A small chance, but a chance regardless.

Reminds me of Ray Comfort. You know there's no way that man is that ignorant or stupid.

Signed it.  As I said in my previous post, Broun is lying to his Creationist Christian constituents to get their vote but either way he needs to be removed from the House Science Committee along with Todd Akin.

it's just cover (yet profit too) for his dirty biz that no one knows about abroad.
hello; proxy wars? precious metals..
reality approaches:

sorry but gotta drop the proverbial "niggah please!" to that character.. does he get tax money from us wtf?

He epitomizes everything that is wrong with mixing politics with religion.  The result, as Hitchens put, is poison.

I found this link and thought ppl might like it..


All you favorite Republican nut jobs in one easy to digest (then retch up) parcel.


There isn't much conviction or enthusiasm in all that nonsense he's spewing.

Sounds like he's pandering to the fundie morons, regardless he should be kicked off all the committees listed here.




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