Has anyone else noticed that churches are using the buzz words 'spiritual community" or "spiritual family" in place of the word "church"? 

Consider me skeptical (I do love the magazine Skeptic too) but I think churches are trying to re-brand their public image/marketing because of all the bad press and discoveries regarding their just being a rich money-making Pyramid Scheme business. Use of the words 'community' or 'family' may enable churches to attract alternative religions like pagan, agnostic, questioning, New Age etc (& their pocket books, sweat labor etc)

Also with more active non-theists stepping forward and the push to separate government-and-religion, churches are finding clever ways to change their image in order to keep monies pouring in, pay no taxes, have estates willed to them, use sweat-labor volunteers etc.

Same business & tactics but different identity and different people reached.

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