Use the "In God We Trust" signs on cop cars as evidence of gov't anti-atheist bias in law suits

We should take advantage of the new In God We Trust signs on the backs of police cars (see my earlier discussion on this topic) as objective evidence of the bias of the government against nonbelievers in cases in which they have violated the Separation Clause of the First Amendment. The God-fearing police think they can intimidate nonbelievers by posting these inflammatory signs on their police vehicles and then having themselves photographed beside them with their firearms showing. We should take advantage of their folly by using the signs in to prove official bias against nonbelievers by the government in law suits that atheists are bringing for First Amendment violations.

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Eric, this is the kind of stuff that the Freedom From Religion Foundation and Americans United eat for breakfast.  I have little doubt that those pulling these boners are already on notice.  The real shame is that these useless actions waste money better suited to serving the public.

"The god myth we do not trust".

Loren's answer here is the best we could hope for. Let the FFRF take up the issue and sue about it. This is total ignorance as to what the cop car signs "In God We Trust" even mean. Are we to believe that everyone trusts in god and that these policemen do to? Maybe you can't be a cop unless you believe in a god. How do I know they believe?

On the other side of the coin you heard G. W. Bush and Laura saying they are praying for us. How is this so when they do not even know us? Equally, the big time televangelists make this claim and they do not know us either. The public just eats it up!

Pray to a milk jug or something and leave me alone and keep my name out of it. I don't want to be prayed for.




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