Use the murder of blasphemer in Pakistan to demonstrate the power of world secularism

The OpEd by Sethi "Tryanny of Blasphemy in Pakistan" in today's New York Times about the jailing of a blasphemer who insulted the prophet and the subsequent murder of his lawyer should be the occasion on which we demonstrate the power of world secularism to all.  We secularists in all nations should unite to boycott all Pakistani products and services and discourage friends and family from same as well as all travel to this country.  We have enough nonbelievers in the world to make a sizable dent in Pakistan's economy and we should do this starting today to show every powerful world religion that we can hurt them economically and legally if they continue to practice tyranny.

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Pakistan was the United States' 56th largest supplier of goods imports in 2013.

U.S. goods imports from Pakistan totaled $3.7 billion in 2013, a 1.6% increase ($59 million) from 2012, and up 46% from 2003.

The five largest import categories in 2013 were: Miscellaneous Textile Products ($1.3 billion), Knit Apparel ($954 million), Woven Apparel ($543 million), Cotton and Yarn and Fabric ($114 million), and Leather ($107 million).

U.S. imports of agricultural products from Pakistan totaled $121 million in 2013. The leading category was: rice ($33 million).

I suspect it might be difficult avoiding goods from Pakistan. Most of it is probably unmarked and used by clothing manufacturers.




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