Do you or should you use such phrases and words despite being Atheist? I'm not sure, but I am very guilty of using them anyways, mainly cause of the culture I grew up with in the US. A smidgen of me enjoys knowing that it is meaningless to me but pokes at the offending religion that is Christianity. I really should be a better person and just drop them from my vocabulary completely, yet I have the thought that it would just look like I am justifying or giving power to that religion over me. Your thoughts?

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I like mixing GOD with my profanity.  When I use profanity, I usually intend it to be offensive.  The best way to grab someone's attention is mixing their imaginary friend with language that any half-wit can master.

I get ya, waxing poetic with the words is so empoweringly fun.

I use such expressions regularly. They are part and parcel of my native language: NYC English.

When "called out" on this usage I explain that it conveys a depth of feeling; I want to be sure my pious interlocutor understands I feel as deeply as any other person. If I had to construct my own atheist cusses they wouldn't be "gotten" by "outsiders". Much easier to say "God fuckin' damn you to the darkest hole in Hell!" We're all on the same page then, you see?

NYC...Ya you guys are talented fucks! Words do take on something that nothing else can express right down to the hellish point. Love it!

Jenn, I am a lifelong fan of language. When used correctly ... Well, let me say it like this: I could break every bone in your body, and you know what? You'd heal. But with the right words, I can hurt you till your dying day. Even if it's 100 years from now.

Thank god, I only use this awesome power for good. ;-)

You make me think of that saying ..'Sticks and Stones can break your bones' though I love the alternate ending to it which is 'but words will make you cry' which is so right. I have an ex that made some major mind fucks in my head and that's why that person is an ex.

That's one of the pitfalls of the human condition; intimate knowledge of ourselves by angry people who don't like us anymore is a potent, sometimes lethal weapon.

We can retaliate in kind. Which makes us into fig bat doodyheads as well. But telling off some potz who'd be wise to learn from the lesson thus imparted satisfies like three-part Beatles harmony. :-)

Back on my home-world -"The" Oith, we called it- we used to try to co-exist. On this here rock, not so much.

Say "Good night!" Gracie.

Bone sewer!

The downer to using said profanity is that it also comes off as an acceptance of said religion too. Damned if we do ...damned if we don't...Well maybe not truly 'damned' but you get the picture.

Metaphorically speaking, yes, we're damned. Realistically? Scroom! :-)

I never used profanity much; when I was an Xian it offended me; now that I'm not I see no point in giving them free advertising.  I'd much rather use a sharp retort without vulgarity.  I wish I could create Churchillian barbs; they can sting and be remembered.  One more use of the same naughty words just slides right by.

Whatever works, Jerry. I can tailor my responses to my audience. An advantage of having gone through schools that taught me how to think.




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