Using SOPA & PIPA to Kill Scientific Debate.

" Simply put, The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) currently under development in Congress will provide a rapid way to sentence websites to death without the need for pesky things like judges and juries. Much to the surprise of nobody who understands how the Internet works, these two Acts will have absolutely no effect on digital piracy, but they will create an environment where freedom of speech could be severely curtailed, large companies can execute competitors, and scientific data can be hidden from the public."

Xtains could also use SOPA to shut down atheist websites,like this one.

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when i tell people about things like SOPA, or the NDAA, i get 2 universal reactions.


1.  they don't believe me

2.  they don't care


these things don't get people riled up, largely b/c they assume (perhaps stupidly) that they won't affect them.  that is, until it does.  i'd hate for US citizens to have to learn the hard way, but sadly, it's looking like we might. 

oh, and regarding the first repsonse - they say that if it was really such a big deal it would be all over the news. 

I for one care and believe you... and yes I've received the universal reactions myself as well... even on AN... *gasp* OMFG

It really is sad that willful blindness is a problem even among atheists. Faith is a major problem- and political correctness is included in this category... but so is being unreasonable- i.e not recognizing a truth with it's staring us in the face and/or actively avoiding it.

Oh and of course it's not in the mainstream news... I wonder why duhhhhh hur dur

Follow the money and much will be revealed.

People are so naive... but more than this many people simply ignore the reality either consciously or subconsciously because it's too painful.

Well the reason it's not all over the news is cause big media supports it..They know there would be a #@&$#%#storm if the general public knew about this. Observe:

"The one thing that can threaten TV news networks is the Internet and the ability for people to communicate directly, bypassing the judgment of the now-famous 1% to determine what knowledge befits the masses. We learn from history that all such power is always used to maintain and strengthen itself first. So, SOPA basically kills that ability of the everyday person to bypass the 1%.

Therefore, it is in the economic and political interest of today’s newswells to kill a strategic threat to their privileged position, and to act just like Berlusconi did in Italy: to actively not bring the topic up onto people’s radar.

In other words, Corporate United States is just as corrupt as Berlusconi’s Italy was, and is acting just like the Catholic Church did when they tried to kill the printing press."

Excellent video report on this and the big lies to get it passed:

People need to wake up and smell the coffee before it's too late/.




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