this is being discussed elsewhere, but i think this needs some discussion here.  

i'm curious how this ends.  like most comments i've seen, i don't wish to see this man die.  yet i can't help but marvel at the sheer insanity of it all.  will he see this all the way through?  will health officials intervene?  can they?  will his family allow him to die for his cause?  if so, will he become a significant martyr for the discriminatory crowd?  

there are some high profile politicians in Utah.  i'd like to hear what they have to say about this.  

then, of course, there is the cause itself.  he, like many devout people, believes that homosexuality is a sin so any union between same sex people should not be recognized by the gov't.  that's the crux of it at least.  i'm always amazed that people can get so worked up about an issue that has exactly zero impact on their own lives.  the argument that i use, which is quite simple, is that if you don't like gay marriage don't get gay married.  problem solved.  but it's so incredibly important to this man that he's willing to risk his health while having no chance of actually effecting policy.  this, to me, seems important.  since the policy can't change until it works its way through the courts, he's likely going to have to go without food for a long long time. which means that this will play out one of three ways:

1.  he dies

2.  he caves

3.  someone intervenes

i'm leaning towards number two, but i'll be keeping my eye out for one or three.  


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Have to admit it frequently feels like an exercise in futility--trying to live a 21st century life in a state stuck in the 19th century. It would be hard for someone in another state to believe something like, say, the letters to the editor in the local more liberal paper. EVERYTHING is about Mormons--either for or against. We absolutely suffocate in all things Mormon. We have the idiotic liquor laws (if you order a mixed drink it a restaurant, it has to be prepared out of sight of the patrons--apparently children will be instantly turned into drooling alcoholics if they see a drink being mixed). And then there's the infamous meeting at the beginning of each legislative session between the leaders of the LDS church and the leading legislators so the church can tell them what they want done. (They didn't have the meeting last time because it had so outraged the thinking public when they found out about it. Or at least, they didn't tell anybody about the meeting.) It can be maddeningly infuriating. Many of us have no other options, however, and hope to slowly change things. 

you're the old "blue dot" in a sea of red.  well, keep up the good fight and good luck!!

While researching early English-Irish law about 25 years ago I read of a custom in Celtic (pre-xian) Ireland.

A peasant who felt unfairly treated by a baron could stop eating. If he persisted until he died, the custom assumed he had been unfairly treated and required compensation by the baron to the peasant's family.

I found nothing on how the custom ended.

hahahahahaha!  i love it!

Whether the man starves to death or not is of no interest to me. What concerns me is the rights of GLBTQs to be able to legally marry and live their lives with the person they love. It is odd that a man affiliated with a religion that has as its foundation polygamy has any right to tell another how to live. He should look in his own pot before denouncing another.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the strong LDS opposition to GLBTQ marriage, and their huge financial support for Proposition 8 in California a few years back, is their idea of revenge for having to "unsanctify" polygamy in order for Utah to be admitted to the Union.

Prop. 8 was overturned last year, and did you see the Wedding Cake float in this year's Rose Parade?  The two men on top of the "cake" were oficially married while they rode down Colorado Blvd.  Wish I'd been there to cheer them!  (There was speculation in the press the day before that a lot of fanatical protesters would try to disrupt the parade, but nobody like that bothered to show up.  Tee-hee!)

That's it Joan.  Having an openly gay g-son put my dog squarely in this fight ( although I was in it prior to that)  How dare people judge him based on his sexual oeientation.  It pisses me off no end.

Do we judge heterosexual people's character, fitness, skills, talent, etc. by who they love?

Well, older men with "trophy wives" are sort of admired by their colleagues, but I wonder how much of those relationships involve love. 

What this man's actions amount to is little more than the spoiled brat who proclaims, "If I don't get my way, I'm going to hold my breath until I turn blue!"  It is a childish outburst, a tantrum and deserves the requisite measure of notice, i.e.: NONE.

Ah, you forget which country you live in, good sir :P

Haven't forgotten for a second.  I said it DESERVES no notice.  Didn't say it would GET no notice, because obviously it has.

More's the pity.

"Silly! A little suspect, I think!"




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