this is being discussed elsewhere, but i think this needs some discussion here.  

i'm curious how this ends.  like most comments i've seen, i don't wish to see this man die.  yet i can't help but marvel at the sheer insanity of it all.  will he see this all the way through?  will health officials intervene?  can they?  will his family allow him to die for his cause?  if so, will he become a significant martyr for the discriminatory crowd?  

there are some high profile politicians in Utah.  i'd like to hear what they have to say about this.  

then, of course, there is the cause itself.  he, like many devout people, believes that homosexuality is a sin so any union between same sex people should not be recognized by the gov't.  that's the crux of it at least.  i'm always amazed that people can get so worked up about an issue that has exactly zero impact on their own lives.  the argument that i use, which is quite simple, is that if you don't like gay marriage don't get gay married.  problem solved.  but it's so incredibly important to this man that he's willing to risk his health while having no chance of actually effecting policy.  this, to me, seems important.  since the policy can't change until it works its way through the courts, he's likely going to have to go without food for a long long time. which means that this will play out one of three ways:

1.  he dies

2.  he caves

3.  someone intervenes

i'm leaning towards number two, but i'll be keeping my eye out for one or three.  


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Thanks.  I  saw all five parts listed on the right of the screen when I opened to Part 4.

He can start eating (or at least will use this as an excuse): the Supreme court just stopped gay marriages in Utah.


Stopped TEMPORARILY.  I'll be interested in seeing what happened when the Fed judge rules on it.  Maybe that dip can go back to starving!

He had better be loading up right now. The next ruling will probably stick longer than a couple of skipped meals.

Susan, I like your help in my understanding the Mormon values and traditions, even though they make no sense to me. Choosing that religious system requires some kind of brain power that I do not have, nor do I want. They present a mystery to me and your explanations at least offer a description of their beliefs, even if they seem dys-logic to me. 

Patricia, I feel the same way.  I can understand a young child being indoctrinated like I was, but an adult joining mormonism, or any religion, is beyond my understanding.  

They must have a fear of death that I don't have, or a need for someone to tell them what to do that I don't have, or something I don't have.  Or, maybe just the lack of reasoning skills that I have, poor as mine might be.

Patricia, do you think that at hockey games your mum was enjoying her favorite fantasies and in church your dad was enjoying his favorite fantasies?

WTF.  Stopped the marriages.!!  That's just wrong.

Darwin awards are usually handed out posthumously. I think as a humanitarian gesture, an exception should be granted. All we need at this point is a presenter. I'm thinking Elton John but I'm open to suggestions.

I have never understood people who get their knickers in a twist over something that doesn't affect them personally: GLBTQ rights, birth control, skin color, other purely personal matters.

I remember when inter-racial marriage was illegal, even in California.  It wasn't enforced here in my lifetime, but it still was in a lot of the Southern states.

Hell, I was touring the South in 1957-60, when there were still separate waiting rooms in train stations, and separate drinking fountains...right next to each other!  Really shocked me the first time I saw that.

We also played the Utah State fair in SLC, and the first time I was there a bunch of us took the Temple Square tour.  I had a very difficult time not laughing when the tour guide showed us the Seagull monument, and told the legend of the "miracle." Sheesh!  Everyone knows the Lake is a remnant of a vast inland sea that covered the area eons ago.  Of COURSE there would still be seagulls there as long as they could find food!


sk8ey, so long as these people think their beliefs and their holy book are being dissed, their panties will continue to do the twist.  Heaven forfend they should think for themselves about such issues, but since their preacher does that for 'em, they figure they don't have to raise a sweat about it ... THINKING, that is.

Drinking fountains right next to each other and separate shit houses. Nobody ever took time to THINK. These black people could not use your facilaties in public, but at your house they could cook your food, raise your babies, and do your laundry. "Miss Jones, I gotta go home now coz I gotta take a crap." How hypocritical this all was but most white people didn't even get it. Some don't even today!




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