Well, to start things off, the name is Viktor Nagornyy. I was born in Ukraine, and in 2001 moved to New York. Spent 4 years living there and going to high school.

In October of 2004 I enlisted in the US Navy, and once I graduated in the summer of 2005 I went to boot camp. 4 more months on the contract =)

I began labeling myself as an atheist in 2002-2003 time slot, and didn't get involved in the community until I read The God Delusion at the end of 2007.

2008 was great, I went to American Atheists and Atheist Alliance International conventions. They were great. I met a lot of new friends. After volunteering at AAI convention I began helping plan 2009 convention, which led to me becoming AAI Convention Director. Our 2009 convention will be in LA, Oct 2-4. www.AtheistConvention.org

As for my personal life, I'm 21. Will be 22 in March. I'm still in the Navy, but pursuing degree in photography. Recently transferred to Rochester Institute of Technology to go on-campus once I'm done with the Navy this summer.

Also, I like writing. I have a blog, which has my writing and photography work. Check it out, and I hope you'll enjoy my work. www.nagornyy.com

I started GODbar project and it turned out to be successful. I receive a lot of great feedback from the users. The name is ironic, a satire to what it actually is. It helps connect our community online. It has some great features. One of the best features that everyone likes is our podcast player. We have more than 20 secular podcasts, all you have to do is pick the one you like, select their episode and enjoy listening. I hope you'll check it out and enjoy it. www.godbar.net

To conclude, I joined AN few weeks after it was started and enjoy being part of this community. Currently, I'm on the advisory board and always willing to help out our causes in any way possible.

If you want to help our cause out AAI has many volunteering positions open, and we're always looking for some help. Get in touch with me if you want to help out.

If you read this far, thanks for taking 5 minutes of your time to learn more about me. I'm always here to help, so just drop me a line and tell me how I can be of assistance to you.


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Hi V1ktor. Welcome to AN. That's great how active you are for the cause! The AAI convention looks like a lot of fun. I bookmarked it so I can check out the schedule as it is developed. Great guests of honor!
Yes, definitely look out for more information very soon!
hi V1ktor, i'm new on board too.
whats up?
Thanks V1ktor. Also, I would like to point out that Atheist Nexus will be hosting some type of event during the AAI Convention, and I will be participating in the community panel. Details will follow. Make plans to attend.
Yup, we are working on a great program for this years convention. It's going to rock your socks off!
I just read about GODbar the other day. Kristy gave it kudos, so I am checking it out.
Awesome! Hope you like it.




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