VA Delegate Bob Marshall: Disabled children are God's punishment to women who aborted their first pregnancy!

In case some of you hadn't heard the news from the elected state official from Manassas, VA. I wanted to pass along a link so you could read what this bible thumper had to say, and no this isn't off the cuff someone heard it and it's spreading like a rumor....this was during a press conference he called to argue against a health bill that supported planned parenthood.  Here is the story for those that care to read the spewing from this elected officials mouth.

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If you'd like for Bob Marshall to show up as a tag, put it in quotation marks, like so : "bob marshall", "virginia delegate", abortion, politics

This is also being discussed in Atheist News.
You're welcome.
There are times when I really, REALLY wish that the believers could hear this crap with our ears, knowhutimean?
Hideous image, Loren.
Oh, HUSH UP, Grundgy! You know what I mean!!!
I can't even find the words to display my anger and disgust at this heartless bottom dweller.
Why are these scumbags given a megaphone?
Wow...I wonder if Sarah Palin had an abortion then???
Oh, and what does that say about someone whose first child is disabled? That she had an abortion is a previous life?




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