Vatican cardinal scoffs at Richard Dawkins and says atheism ir irrational

Walter Brandmuller is a newly-minted cardinal. The former president of the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences in Rome only received his red hat on Nov. 20th but he's already in the news thanks to his just-published book "Ateismo? No grazie! Credere è ragionevole" (Atheism? No Thanks! To Believe is Rational). In it, the 81 year old cardinal addresses the irrationality of atheism by pointing out that only in God can people find fulfilment.
He also takes on Richard Dawkins.
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I also understand that if you pull his cross his little beanie pops up and his tongue sticks out. Boink! - if you are a alter boy something else sticks out
The only thing religion fulfills is the base fear that something is out there, thanks to evolution. Those with a tad bit of paranoia and delusional thought (something's there and watching me) were more likely to survive. >.X
wow. this guy claims that god healed an amputee.

and just one.

in the 1640's.
If only this guy had a twitter so we could spam it with: "pics or it didn't happen."
Attacking the church, the vatican, and the pope ?
The Crusades
Selling of Indulgences ( free passes to sin, sin, and sin some more)
The Inquisition.
The destruction, theft of treasure and the murder of untold numbers of the indigenous peoples of the New World.
Being buds with the Italian fascists
Being buds with the German Nazis.
Who are we to criticize?
To believe is totally rational when you get to live off the fat of catholicism. Think of the perks, impeccably tailored Italian fashion, and look at the diamond encrusted crucifix!!!
I am afraid that some Catholic official senior to Walter Brandmuller has indulged in a favorite pastime too frequently with the young Mr. Brandmuller. This is evident in Cardinal Brandmuller's ability to pull phrases like "only in God can people find fulfillment" out of his orifice.
I want it understood that the above comment is only a mean poke. And, in no way does it qualify as an argument of any sort. I probably shouldn't have used the word poke.
Can't we all just get along?



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