If Jesus of Nazerath did exist, and did not die a physical death on some piece of wood, but died of old age in some country such as India, did the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church dupe every Christian on the face of the Earth?

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Another billboard waiting to be made. 

Not following at the moment Joan. Can you expand?

Just see this fine billboard, created by some clever graphic artist :

The protestants exchanged a logical absurdity for an illogical absurdity.

@Bertold I'm X-Catholic. There is just something about the Vatican and their secrets that irks me. I feel it in my gut.
Yes, I agree. They also had "special" torture techniques for the non believers.

Joan, I believe that similar such nonsense has been taken as absolute truth in the past and a lot of it fills the pages of what we call the bible. Exactly why human beings want to believe this crap is beyond me.

Please see God is a woman. The myths abound about Jesus, Mary, and all the other people of the bible. I sat on a well in Ephesus, Turkey where Mary is alleged to have lived and died. From where do these legends come? Hold on to your hat! This is a doozie! 

"The modern history of the Virgin Mary's House is unusual. It was "discovered" in 1812 by a German nun, Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich, who never traveled away from her home.

"Sister Emmerich, an invalid confined to bed, awoke in a trance with the stigmata and visions that included the Virgin Mary and Apostle John traveling from Jerusalem to Ephesus. She described Mary's house in detail, which was recorded at her bedside by a writer named Brentano.

"Emmerich described a rectangular stone house, which John had built for Mary. It had a fireplace and an apse and a round back wall. The room next to the apse was Mary's bedroom, which had a spring running into it.

"The German nun went on to say that the Virgin Mary died at the age of 64 and was buried in a cave near her house. When her coffin was opened soon after, however, the coffin and burial shroud were empty. The house was then turned into a chapel."

House of the Virgin

Why is this myth believed to be a miracle? She described the house exactly, based on her stigmata and visions while never going far from her home. OOOh Kayyyy! Buy that? 

House of the Virgin, Ephesus

Check out the evidence for this claim. It will give you a good laugh ... a nice way to start the day. Oh yes, your day is older than my day. Oh well! Whatever 

My answer.

Whether or not Jesus existed and died of old age, having not died a physical death on a piece of wood, later dying in some other country has nothing to do with Christianity as we know it today. BTW, Jesus of Nazerath is what the bible says of his birth place, but that town did not exist at the time he was supposed to have walked the earth. This is disturbing negative evidence.

Did Vatican City and the RCC dupe every Christian on the face of the earth? YES. They got rich by praying your loved ones out of purgatory and therefore out of hell, and they continue to get richer today doing the same damned thing.

Along comes a group that protests. They leave the RCC and continue "duping" in different ways. We continue to have a big number of "dupers" out there today.

Jesus of Nazerath is what the bible says of his birth place, but that town did not exist at the time he was supposed to have walked the earth

There's archaeological evidence that Nazareth existed at the time of Jesus.

I would love to believe such a thing, because crucifixion is abominably cruel.  The image of Jesus off studying with gurus in India is sweet. 

But being soothing and sweet is one reason why it's so dubious. 




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