Mass funeral for unclaimed fetuses and stillborn babies to be held by Diocese

its a miracle.. pffffft

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forget the starving and living.. barely.. right? they're not baptized nor the 'class' right? pfffft

Precisely my thought.  The living are still here and could use some serious help ... but OH, we have UNBURIED FETUSES!!!  It's like the RC church will pull any lame trip it can think of to garner attention and/or elicit an emotional reaction.

If you are not baptized you cannot go to heaven. It makes sense. Flowers don't grow without water.

If I were the Catholics, I'd bury them in an undisclosed location. If not, the Mormons may come along, do a postmortem baptism, and steal their souls. Which, in turn, could lead to an internecine cult war.  




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