Vatican excommunicates bishop ordained by Chinese state; 'fundies' in Italy/Spain will war w/China over this crap.

"Is one totalitarian hierarchy better than another?" comment from URL... so true.

the ignorance never ceases to make me wonder; what are they really up to?

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dunno who's worse; one's that accept nihilist criminals as saints (Mexico) or communist totalitarians that hire Cisco Inc. to set up CCTV networks to track dissident activists that just wanna connect with their fellow freethinkers around the world... and on and on...

A while back, Henry the 8th also broke with the vatican and nationalized the church.  Worked out pretty good for him.

daaaang; commi homophobes!?!?


THere hare been lots of commie homophobes.  CHina didn't become semi gay friendly until they started their version of communist pragmatism / pseudocapitalism.

The Chinese must deport all theists. There need be no relationship with the Vatican.

As for Communism and Democracy, the ideas are nice, but human behavior always supersedes ideology. What always emerges from those forms of government are hierarchies that manipulate the resources to benefit the the leaders who still have the psychological halo effect that causes them to have power enough to dictate to subordinates.


This form of manipulation stems from generations of religious influence. The Chinese only want the power of religious influence so the communist party can maintain control of their peasants. They fear the atheism they once proudly boasted. Unfortunately for them, atheism is eating away their authority, because with pure atheism, there is no authority, only collaboration to equitably distribute resources.

funny I remember an article on some goddess/idol the merchants worship in tiawan? that bleeds into chinese merchantville yet the chinese make the worship state sponsored; therefore trojan horse to taiwan?

aha; seems with corporate-faith-state = nobody wins. ?



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