If you haven't seen the story... http://news.aol.com/article/vatican-opens-up-about-secret-tribunal/...

I love how Genocide can be handled at the local level by lay priests, but major things...like spitting out the communion cracker is only forgivable by the POPE....

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Thanks for the info.

Looks like the Catholic empire of the soul thinks its puppets have stopped being scared of eternal damnation. Propaganda from the oldest spin doctors in the world.
A coworker and I are LOL'ing at the whole local forgiveness vs. Pope forgiveness issues that you mention, Ro.

So evidently, you can nail little boys, commit genocide, kill your neighbor and bury him in the backyard... and a local priest can hook you up with some sin clean-up... but if you mess with the wafer, you've gotta go to the Pope. And if you're a priest, there are a few other offenses that require his intervention.

You've gotta wonder how people can believe that these types of things come from God.
I sure do...




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