When I read this story I thought it was a spoof, but it links to a genuine BBC story, so I suppose it really is true.

Seems that there were a lot of fun and games going on in the monastery in question, including undulating nuns and bible-reading marathons. Here's the best bit of the story:


A major attraction of the basilica was apparently the "holy dances" performed by the nun Sister Anna Nobili, a former lap-dancer, and other nuns taught by her. Nobili's routines reportedly featured her lying spread-eagled before an altar clutching a crucifix, or undulating passionately in the fashion of a pole dancer.

There's a photo of Sister Anna Nobili on the BBC site: she looks surprisingly wholesome to me.

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Oh, this is priceless! From a BBC interview with Sister Anna Nobili:

Sister Nobili adds that ... she has noticed that bishops, and priests in general, are struck by this new form of expression.

I bet they are.

If she were giving lessons to kids they'd probably have left her alone.
Every party has a pooper, that's why the college of cardinals elected Benedict XVI to the Papacy. On a side note the the BBC article also has a "before" picture of the good sister, she smoldered just a little.
I'm no judge, being a hetero female, but I agree - she looked pretty hot.
Good pictures. The nuns uniform should be a big hit with the connoisseurs. Good luck in her next posting.

I found this clip of Sister Anna Nobili dancing. It's a bit disappointing really. She just seems to do a lot of twirling around and running. Not a pole in sight.

It's no good, the church can never allow it because SISTERS DOING IT FOR THEMSELVES is a big no-no.
But they don't even have any seed to spill.




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